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  1. High whoandi

    And what a nice pic it is..Nice grow..
    I am smokin my California citris buds now..I am blasted :D :D :D I will get some pics of my buds soon..They aren't real big but they make up for it in stoneing power. :D I pulled 2 plants an got 1 1/2 oz of buds..I still got 8 plants to go..You stay cool now.. :cool:
  2. Hi panhead
    So what the flowering time run on you citrus plants??
    cant wait to see a bud shot

    Here is a pic of a hashplant i choped down to give me a lil something to smoke LOL
    She was harvested @ 42 days.She could have whent a few days longer but i was out of smoke hehehehe
    she gave me 37grams of dried bud

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  3. does a pot plant feel stoned?

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