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  1. I might be setting up a personal use set up. But before I do I have a few questions about... everything. My plan, maybe go to Target and get a plastic tub, assuming I can find one, 2(wide)x3 or 4(long)x3.5(height) just something along those lines. I tend to do that SCROG or whatever technique is called. I'll be using 3 or 4 seeds, and bash it down to 1 plant when I can sex. My biggest question is lighting. I'll be using CFL's (not enough money for MH or HPS) plus I live in a hot climate so I want to minimize heat contained in the box. I got my fan set up so that's not a question. but as for the lights. When i find the bulbs I need (I've seen the specific k's needed for each stage) but my STUPID question is, what do I use to operate the light? When I go lowe.com or homedepot or what not, I find the lightbulb, but no ballasts. Does it fit in any lamp? If so that'll be great and easy to set up.

    Everything else i seem to be able to find easily, it's just this one issue I havn't seen anyone really mention here on GC forums. Everyone talks about the bulb, not the fixture... so thanks :)
  2. If you get that 27 watt fluoro bulb that is squiggly you can put it into a regular lamp socket. If you get a 2-4 foot flouro it needs a 2-4 foot ballast.
  3. Yea ask for compat flourescent light bulbs. theyre in sort of a sprial. Also that box will be fine and when the one plant you are going to keep gets 12" put the screen over it so it doesnt get too big.
  4. yeah man if youre gonna get the spiral cfl the ballast is built in thats the larger part where you screw it in.
  5. good luck with everything.
  6. This is my first time growing and i was wondering what kind of lights I should get?

  7. here:
    also this:
    a few of me fav's !! I did alot of reading my first 3 mths on here
    that search button and I are real good friends now!!

    CFL's you would want "daylights for Veg 26W-6500K"
    "softwhites for Flowering 42W-2700K"
    you can get these at any/most wally worlds
    they look like this: (click the pic/ make it bigger)

  8. Can't resist an opportunity to show off my grow box. I'm pretty pleased with it...only drawback is that it needs to be bigger, or I need a couple more.




  9. Do they sell them in stores? or would i have to order them?
  10. Walmart, homedepot, hardware store, Lowes all should have cfls in the lightbulb section. U can oder em online if u want a higher watt light. peace, e :bongin:
  11. walmart has the lights !! for the best price!!
    no need to order things on the WWW.
    they also sell the sockets and wire too
    I picked up 90% of what I needed from walmart and the other 10% from Home depot
    and its done deal!!
    goodluck dude!
  12. So like what should i use for the lights? just a regular lamp?
  13. May i firstly say what a nice neat setup you have there!!

    Sea of green, or even better Screen of green are most definitely the most efficient way of growing, although make sure you monitor temperatures very closely, and make sure there is enough air flow through the setup.
    Here is a very good article all about sea of green, check it out it is very thorough, and please check the other articles in the grow guide by click the link at the top of the page :smoke:

  14. got um 2 grow grat dont thay man
  15. good luck with everything
    let us know how you do
    spead the love
  16. say what now...

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