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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nucan, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. well, my drug test is steadily approaching.. about 2 weeks or so, its right after spring break. and im most likely gonna fail and get sent to 12 monthes of military school. so today i figured i should just tell my mom flat out that im gonna fail, i mean, i got notin to lose..lol. so i tell her, and...SHE TAKES IT GREAT. she just asks how much i have been smoking..and all taht. then she says shes gonna call my school counsler and try to get me out of my hair test. my god, i hope this works. its incredible to think that i wouldnt be at boarding school, i wouldnt of run away, and none of the bad shit that happend to me would of happend if i never woulda lit up. but, its a little late to say shit like that. oh well, im getin a half O this weekend of some dank, that should cheer me up.
  2. right on!!

    if (weed != looser) {
    writeLn ("and that's the way it is!!");
    else (
    writeLn ("shame on you!");
    } //endif
  3. He's taking a hair test, it takes more than a week or two to clean out your hair.
  4. Cut your hair off or arrange an accident where your hairs burn or whatever... well it could look quite doopious
  5. hair tests are nearly impossible to test. i hear some places even take hair from elsewhere if your head is shaven.

    good luck with the testing, and i have no advice but good for you for telling your mom the truth.

    amanita has a good point. once it starts controlling you and what your life is about, it's a good time to lay off or cut back.

  6. When smacking up against the obstacles that life sometimes offers, it's always good to ask your self, "What have I learned from this?"

    Then remember what you learned.
  7. exactly. and the moral is? . . . never and i mean EVER! put your dog in the microwave.

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