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    On youtube.com (not sure if it's ok to advertise other websites, oh well) I found that when I looked up an Obama video and tried to change a few minds. It comes up with "Comment pending approval". Now if I refresh the page, go to any other page or close the window, it doesn't show up.

    This isn't the first odd thing I've noticed with youtube, I've also noticed some view tampering on Ron Paul videos, one of his ads had 2million 300 thousands views, then a few days later just over 2 million.

    Is it possible google (the parent company of youtube) is deliberately doing this in order to corrupt social media?


    Edit: Try to post on this [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxRN9DQVh5I[/ame]

    Edit #2: Found another [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHJuCg_al30&feature=related[/ame]
  2. Google would never do such a thing.. these ads / clips are effing ridiculous.. Just blatant lies.. Your signature comes to mind..
  3. I think the "comment pending" issue has to do with the account settings for the person who uploaded the video. Some people don't like others putting comments they deem unworthy on their video, so they only approve comments which suit their purpose.

    As far as tampering with the 'views' on a video, I have seen this on RP videos. Some will have 10,000 'likes' and it will say the video has only been viewed 7000 times. I don't know if it a problem with the software that runs YT or if its malicious intent.

    I'm quite certain though, Google and AT&T smoke the pole of the NSA.
  4. Well I wouldn't be surprised but with the liking of the video and the number of views, that happens with other things too. This comedian I watch will have like 500 views but like 3000 likes. I think its just system
  5. that 1st vid is sickening..

    he's actually telling people that he ended the Iraq war..

    if i were a parent of one of the troops that era over there getting shot at, i would be fucking pissed.
    and then, there will be idiots agreeing with this.. because the video says so :laughing:
  6. .....

    Obam Obam, he's our man, if he can't do it no one can! GOOOOOOOOOOOBAMA!!!


    lol what the fuck tha tsecond video literally made my stomach knot up.
  7. i'd be more worried about automatic tracking cookies planted by hotmail/windows live *shudders*
  8. i didn't watch the second one.. i'm scared.
  9. Same thing happened to me.

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