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Just a little purp for your enjoyment!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by creep3, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Well i never post pictures here but i finally decided to. Here are a couple shots of some purple buds i have been picking up here for $200 - $250 a zone, just depending on how much i buy. It has great taste and smell. Its not the best i have had lately but its up there. :cool:


  2. i had that same bud about 3 weeks ago.. was pretty good o_o
  3. nice, 2-250 seems like a pretty good price for a zip of that.
  4. Yeah this stuff is all over texas.
  5. They want 500$ a OZ for that in Georgia, Damn, I need to get myself to Texas, where I can drink on sundays to :smoke:.
  6. i had the same weed in colorado a few weeks back, it decent herb, not chronic but very high mids
  7. Ahh, I'm cravin' some dat purp now!

  8. Listen. In California, its even cheaper than that. So all you pot heads come to California, get your Med Cards, and lets have a huge SMOKE OUT!

    Nice pickup! BTW! +rep
  9. jeepers, thats purple alright.
  10. Looks like some fire! enjoy. :smoke:
  11. Wow, some very nice purp you got there man. ENJOY
  12. ahhh, I NEED some dank. Soon. I've been stuck with tha shit-ay mid-ays.
  13. Oh it easily goes for that here also. The only way to get those prices is by buying a large amount.

  14. uhhhm, not to be a dick, but if you had mids, then it wasn't the buds pictured.
    nice bud, love the colors.

  15. Hahah where in texas you at? Im in the north east (DFW Area... but not quite)

  16. Couldn't have said it better. And the purp they are showing in Texas looks better than the purp I have seen in the ATL. I used to live up there about 2 years ago and they were charging $550-$600 for the purps but my most recent trip up there it was going for the $500.
  17. I rather not disclose my exact location. It is up there to though.
  18. Mayn im in san antonio and I wish I could get sum purp like that for those prices shiiiiit.
  19. i wish i could get something half as good for those prices..
  20. damn thats nice. wish I could get weed like that. you just made my day

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