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  1. These were taken a while back, about 2 years. I am taking a digital media course as we speak.

    Also I might be offering some signatures later, when I have some time, I'll throw some demos up later :).






    I will dig up some of my newer stuff later, I hope you all like it!
  2. yea man some nice photos + rep
    i really like the foucs you are using
    what camera you taking those pics on

  3. Thank you!

    I was working with a Nikon D40x, Great starter SLR.

    All of my shots were around the 35mm range, with a 18-55mm lens.

    Again thanks for the response and rep :wave:.
  4. I like the humming bird, They're quick little buggers!

    So do you still shoot or are you now pursuing digital media?
  5. I'm still shooting, I am done with my digital media course, and I am taking "History and Theory of Photography" next year.

    I am still doing digital media independently though.

    We are lucky to get humming birds in our backyard, we had one make a nest right next to one of our window. 2 Baby hummingbirds were born before our eyes, it was quite amazing.

    Thanks for the comments.
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    Here are more pictures.

    About the same age of the old ones, I will get some of my pictures of the server where I work.

    Lake Tatachikapika (Ontario, CN) Taken with a point and shoot.


    Malibu CA. Taken with D40x

    Sunset at LAX (I'm an aviation buff)


    I also have a thing about birds



    That's all for now,

    Thanks for stopping by! :wave:
  7. Hello Friend love pictures what does SLR short for i am probably :smoking:to pick up what this means ,you see iam looking for a good starting camera ,at moment i just use my phone with its cyber-shot Ericsson 3.2 mega pixel ,so is this ok for now as i am skint :eek: keep up great work.
  8. Hello Finnagen,

    SLR means Single Lens Reflex. This basically means that there is a lens, which captures the light, and bounces it off of a moving mirror to a sensor. Most of the top of the line camera's are SLR's.

    You get more manual control, like focus, aperture, shutter speed, iso, white balance, and much more.

    If you have no idea what I just said, for a starter camera I would go with an upgraded point-and-shoot.

    Something like this will run you about 300 dollars, and you do not have to worry about lenses, or mirror cleaning but still get a lot of the same settings as an SLR.

    COOLPIX P5100 from Nikon

    I love that camera to be honest, I actually use it quite a bit.

    Goodluck and happy shooting, and tokin'. :wave:
  9. Thank you for kind reply ,Sorry to be a pest but do you know a good Site for me to get paid work and free courses as i am skint in this British climate:smoking: a don't need much money but to get paid some pennys for my 2nd passion :Dwould be the break i need ,
    Cheers hope i can return the favour some time .
  10. Damn man, I love your photos! Keep em coming dude I'm lookin forward to more! :)
  11. Really impressive photography. It's cliche, but I love the feel of it. :D
  12. Thanks guys, I should be uploading more tomorrow, I'm a little too stoned right now :smoking: to upload more.

    Finn, No worries man, just being a helpful guy!
  13. wow those are some really nice snap shots!

    I hope I get a chance to upload some of my stuff on here

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