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  1. Eh... okay, since I'm having troubles logging into my body-mod community at the moment and I need to share this with the internet world I thought this was as good a place as any.

    *deep breath*

    I've stretched my tongue to a 6ga! That may not mean much to you, hell it probably doesn't mean ANYTHING to you... but hey! It's made my week... and muh boi's, lmao.

    On the same, but fun note, that means I can fit the end of my favorite glass pinch-hitter through it *celebrates* I need to take pics of that :D I can also fit a stage 10 detail brush through it... *thinks* ooh this is SO much fun.


    If you have no clue as to what I'm talking about, I'm talking about my centrical tongue piercing. Originally 14ga (about 1.5mm) but after many, many months of patience and lots of money spent on jewelry I'm now at a beautiful 6ga (a bit over 4.0mm).

    Okay, I'll go hide in my hole again... alone... lol.

  2. *grins*

    Watch out for them kids, it can become quite the obsession. Though I'm not your average body-modder, I'm not in it for the visual after-effect, certainly not the attention (if you had every third person in Wal*Mart shrieking away from you as if you were going to harm them... you would realize very few people do), I do it for spiritual fufillment. To realize my psychological self through physical means, or more so display my psychological self. It's a very perosnal thing that I openly give seeing rights to everyone... a showing of my soul and inner desires.

    I pierce myself for cultural reasons, many of the piercings I have are found in my ancestors' tribes, they've been my self-induced rites of passage.

    I modify myself for political reasons, this one's harder to explain... because I'm not doing it to rebel, I'm doing it to enforce the idea that a person is a sacred being and no other person nor organization can take away the sacred right to freedom of choice. I don't get pierced for anyone but myself, but realize that I pave the way for the children of tomorrow... so I fight as hard as I can for equality. And body modification as a whole is making leaps... we're now a recognized religion, which means no job can not hire us, or fire us based on our mods, refuse us service, etc.

    I also pierce myself for sexual reasons, but this is trivial at best.

    I also am in it for the pain, I admit. But for me this runs hand in hadn with sexuality and spirituality.

    When it comes down to it, I modify my being for reasons no one but those who've done the same can comprehend. Words can not relate how and why I do these things... I could go on for ages (and it seems I have) on why it's logical to me to modify myself, I could go into great detail as to how all the fore-mentioned reasons come into play... BUT I know I bore anyone who doesn't have a love of it themselves' :D

    God I talk too much, lol.

    I will start coming out of my hole more often, seems like a good place to do so. I'll be quiet now.

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