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  1. What's up guys, I don't think I need to do much explaining - I'm 18 years old, I smoke, I write and record raps when I smoke. Should probably add I just do this as a hobby I'm not very serious about it.
    I like chill stuff so take a look. Go easy on me :p
    So yeah light up and have a look :)
    The Dopest of Times | kushner
  2. I only listened to snippets from your first and 3rd track, but the thing I noticed more than anything else was your mic presence. To me, it doesn't feel like you are even motivated to be rhyming or you're bored with it. You are speaking softly...and pretty much speaking. Not really flowing or spitting at all.

    Don't think, memorize what you're gonna say and just let go. Or even better, try your hand at freestyling, try and change your pace up instead of just trying to get your words out.

    You might be worrying about how you're going to sound which in the end, makes it sound worse.

    No hate, just constructive criticisms to think about
  3. No man that's really helpful feedback. Thank you I appreciate. The 3rd one is like the 2nd one I made but I can definitely work on that.
  4. Word more steez.

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