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  1. If Ron Paul has been getting the most support from our military which is like around 83% I last heard that were given to him as donations

    So that clearly says most of the military if not all
    Support him and have chosen him as who they want as their commander in chief

    Do you think if Ron Paul gets stronger and stronger and is building up his solid support from the military

    That maybe the military can turn thier backs on our government
    And do what they signed thier life away by protecting the Constitution
    And the people

    Giving Ron Paul direct control without being the president

    Because all these bills are just words on a paper
    It doesn't change us like if we
    Were computers to forcefully do things

    I know it's way more complicated
    But I had to get that off my mind
    Because I'm just way to damn high

    And I can't talk to anyone about this because all of my friends and everyone on Facebook think Kony should be our #1 problem

    Does this make sense?
    Feel free to add anything you want

    Just want the blades opinions and what they think
  2. Thatd be boss. Impossibly unlikely though.
  3. Ron Paul is our current only hope and I think a lot of people realize it now. There are still plenty of sheep who vote for x because he is a member of the x party, but a lot of people are waking up. I doubt there will be some government overthrow though. He will have to land in that spot fairly...on his part.
  4. I long for the day OP.

    We need him in charge one way or another.

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