Just A Hidea. Possiblity Of Extinct Races?

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  1. Think about all the mass genocides over history.  Hitler and the Jews, The Native Americans, shit even the end of the neanderthals.  My point is do you think there was a chance that another human race wandered this earth.  That the human races that we see today at one point were civilizations that warred with other races.  What do you guys think?

  2. I was just thinking about this. I believe that the egyptians, roman, persian, any other big society from back then didnt think they were going to die out, and look what happened. Societies that left behind evidence, yet a lot of it is still a mystery. Do we hold the same fate? If not what makes us so special? Some might say yeah cuz we got internet and good medicince and yada yada, but what if they had something like this a long time ago too, and they just died out, losing all that knowledge?

    Well only time can tell :). History is definitely a very interesting part of life. When it comes down to it all we can really do is speculate on how they lived.
  3. Yea i was talking about this with a friend last night.  Theres civilizations that we're just learning about and genocide did play a role in our history.  
  4. Theres also civilizations hidden that haven't even been discovered. Anythings possible.
    I love reading into the stuff of past living human giants! 
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  6. There was! At one point in time there actually was 5 species of humans!... Google it
  7. ^Homo Sapien's FTW mother fucking Neanderthal pussies!
  8. im not sure about another sapient species exsisting before us, but in the last few years we've found areas that test much much older than we thought the planet had even been here for.we might be off by at least a billion years of our planets age, who's to say humans didnt exsist prior to that? we use radio-carbon dating which has been proven to not be very accurate. we could have whole civilizations underneath the ancient ones we've found already. we could have just picked up where previous cities were and went from there. still finding older and older homosapien skeletons all the time.
  9. I think it's possible
  10. Yeah as another poster mentioned there were other species similar to humans that eventually died out as the sapiens rose to prominence. You ever wonder if the ancestors of humans were placed here by Aliens?
  11. Ok, there are two things wrong with this post.
    "There was!" is incorrect, just simply because species isn't the same as race, which is what OP was asking.
    Secondly, there weren't 5 species of humans. Humans are Homo sapiens, the word 'human' relates entirely to that one species. There have been other similar primates, sure, but definitely not more than one species of human. That's just nonsensical.
  12. Neanderthals were NOT Deliberately wiped out by humans.

    They went extinct because they were virtually obligate carnivores. They died out because their prey became scarce, the irish elk and mammoths they depended on were their lifelines.

    Also, neanderthals were NOT a race of human.

    They are in our genus, though.
  13. I expected good guy Greg to be less of a dick than this. Guess I was wrong.

    On point though race is not real anyways. There is truly only one race: the human race. Race and species are words that usually have different meanings but sometimes can mean the same thing. And on the human thing I'm sure the poster was just trying to make the point that there were other species of hominids similar to humans that existed alongside them. Perhaps it doesn't really answer OP's question but the question was somewhat pointless to begin with since race is a myth perpetuated by culture and we all share common heritage but have grown to look different since people in different regions had different traits selected for over long periods of time due to the different conditions they lived in.
  14. If im right I think that carbon dating can only be used up until 1950 as the amount of radiation in atmosphere etc doesnt allow an accurate reading.

    Also if anybody cares there is something in egypt called a solar boat hundreds of years before we invented solar panels. Could this mean that we had a type of human that was advanced and educated but were wiped out or is there a more sinister explanation?

  15. The idea that there is any biological basis to "race" is already unscientific. One race can't be "wiped out" because genotype (ie ancestry) does not correlate fully or perfectly with phenotype (in this case, skin color.) There's a very good chance that you share more common ancestry with your neighbor, whose skin color is different from yours, than you do with someone who has the same color skin on the other side of the world. There is no line to be drawn between the races anywhere. If we lined up people from all over the world in a skin-color spectrum, you wouldn't be able to point to one guy and say, "Yep, that's where you start being a black guy instead of an Indian."
    So no, groups that never even existed in any salient way cannot be "wiped out." Even if you did round up all the people darker than whoever you decided was the border of blackness (or vice versa) and killed them all...dark skin would eventually become prevalent in the same parts of the world as it did the first time around, as it is merely an evolutionary response to intense exposure to UV rays.
  16. Race does not mean skin color. Skin color is simply one trait of a race developed by evolution. There are many different variants of races, such as African Americans and Africans. North Americans and South Americans.
    It is actually proven that there were other races of people, before our current human race finished developing, that existed. However, they failed to thrive and ended up dying off.

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