Just A Hidea. Possiblity Of Extinct Races?

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  1. Think about all the mass genocides over history.  Hitler and the Jews, The Native Americans, shit even the end of the neanderthals.  My point is do you think there was a chance that another human race wandered this earth.  That the human races that we see today at one point were civilizations that warred with other races.  What do you guys think?

  2. Lol most are gunna be like so what u sayn we lived with fish looken ppl? Lol, but i think its more like whites blacks asians, and the greens :p yah i think that there were other races that are extinct or so massively diluted by cross breading of races that technically they dont exsist, saaaay atlantians???? Or any of the other places that 'dont exsist' prolly either picked up and moved, or or, as you sujest are extinct
  3. Jews, Native Americans and Neanderthals aren't races. Jews (of Judaism) are classified via religion. Native Americans are classified via ethnicity and Neanderthals aren't human so they're classified via species.
    Most human races are classified already and none are extinct. Civilisations, societies, ethnicities, religions, languages, cultures and ideologies all definitely have subsets that we'd consider to be extinct.
    People really need to learn the definition of 'race'. It really pisses me off whenever anyone says "The human race".
  4. I believe their is a possibility of ancient civilizations being a more advanced humanoid able to access higher consciousness, thus why they were mostly of larger and greater stature.

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