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Discussion in 'General' started by mercury71, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Hey everyone. just sitting here in socal chilling big time. Thought that I would pop on in here and see whats up!!! I dont really have many friends who also "chill" out, so i get a little lonly. Just wanted to say hello.
  2. .. chill with the rest of us at this time of the morning bUd!
  3. now here's a BUNCH of stoners who haven't ever met ya but are willing to chill with ya ;)
    welcome !! we'll smoke bowls with you :D
  4. ne1 want this joint?!
  5. shhhhhhhhh! Nobody say anything but unoit is BLAZED this A.M.!!!!!! know what......ME TOO!! HIGH mercury71 :wave: nice ta meet ya!! :smoking:
  6. Hell yah if you cant give a shout out here there where can yah. =)


  7. I'll have one of whatever he's having... :)
  8. Well nice to meet ya straight form the lady of passion who happens to live in SO cali too!! hit me up wth a more detailed location and we'll blaze!!!!!
  9. hey cowboy and everyone else... to be honest with you all i a m not really sure yet as to how this works in here... so if i dont respond or something. its not cuz im not feeling the love... thanks for the responce... hope all is cool if im online give me a shout out. would love to talk to you all... See ya!

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