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Discussion in 'General' started by NuBBiN, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. as im sitting here..stoned...reading the Esquire magazine I just got from the mail..I noticed that in their "Survey of the American Man" question number 27: "Should Marijuana Be Legalized?"
    48% said yes
    34% said no, but it should be decriminalized
    and 20% of the men polled are assfucks who were probably loaded with viagra and xanax when they voted no.

    This has been a reading magazines with NuBBiN moment...please resume your daily routines...bleep!
  2. I was reading TIME today at school and it said that 70% of americans want to die at home, 24% of americans actually die at home.

    That depresses me.

    *ediT* Hehe this was my 1420 post. Look who just edged out cowboy for ninth in the post race ;)
  3. whew..for a second there you had me in a complete panic!..I forgot all about the top ten posters...good thing im still 4th and not even trying
  4. better watch out, i'ma gonna getcha ;)
  5. Question number 57. The most ridiculous living American is:

    1-Geroge "Dubya" Bush
    2-Carrot Top
    3-Bill Clinton
    4-Anna Nicole-Smith
    5-Al Sharpton
  6. Anna Nicole she is ssoooo disgustiung. Her show came on while I was frying one time and I was disgusted to the very core of my being and she thinks shes so sexy its rediculous.
  7. Question number 12. "Eminem" is:

    An Asshole (34%)
    A Genius (4%)
    A little of both(42%)
  8. Question number 7. Your son/daughter tells you s/he is gay. You react with:

    1. Support
    2. Concern
    3. Dismay
    4. disgust (?...bigots)
    5. elation

  9. Very sexy (98%)

  10. what rank am i in the posting race?...how do you find out who is what?!

  11. and this is so the truth to dontcha know. lol nubbin.

  12. You have to go to the advanced statistics on the4 home page but don't worry, your in the lead by far.

  13. Jealous? ;)
  14. yes...very jealous indeed...
  15. sorry, there can only be one slim shady. How about short nubby? ;)
  16. NuBBs!!!

    Where've ya been man?!

  17. life has delt me a very busy hand lately...I still come by to keep up to date on the shizzbit around the city and to mod the general forum, but I don't have the time I used to have to type for hours on end, but I try and get somethin in here and there...smoke bowls for me thc....smoke monster bowls...
  18. I feel like replying cos i got fuck all to do
  19. lol that is great. the majority of americans want weed at least decriminalized. and yet our gov't fights so hard to put medical patients in jail in california.

    fuck that shit!

    and anna nicole smith, what she wasn't #1?@?!!?!?!
  20. i smoke from a monster bong....and swordfight with it.

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