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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bwitsne, May 25, 2010.

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    I am going to start my attempt at growing soon. Just had a few questions.

    Is it possible to hide the heat using grow room tents indoors completely from thermal cameras? The only thing that really gives me worries is the heat and the feds finding me. lol so is it possible to hide it all? I am not talking about anything special, just everything in a grow room tent that has proper ventilation and carbon filters for the smell.

    Here's the tent I've been looking at getting:

    GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room - GL290 | Grow Rooms

    Would work great, I am just wondering that if my 1000w HPS running a 12 pot hydro system was running in this i'd be safe? These tents quote there thermal protected, so does this mean that i am 100% safe from thermal cameras and stuff?

    Next question, is what nutes should I use for a whole grow? Please list them. I've read about the different stages that nutes can help, but please recommend some.

    Pretty much getting this:

    http://www.htgsupply.com/viewproduct.asp?productID=54416 with easycool 6

    And a clone/veg room, will be a small area withing the grow room:


    I like things to be legit and professional.

  2. Heat and the feds finding you: In the summer, the attic of the house will be hot enough to cover up the heat produced by a 1000 watt light bulb from above. Windows will allow heat detection from the sides of the house. But once inside the home there is nothing keeping the feds from finding your grow.

    As far as having a legit grow, you'll need to be in a state that allows grows to be legit. While the grow might be exactly the way you want it, it will need to be in accordence with the law to really be legit. But yeah, from the street or counterculture point of view, it will be legit. Just not in accordence with law.
  3. Thanks for your advice. I will use it. What about around winter time? It does get cold here in the south. Will this so call "thermal protected" tent hold the heat in?

    Now this being in compliance with the laws, is a bit stoop to me. Considering it should be legal.
  4. I've got nothing against Hydro, but for your first attempt try soil. It's more forgiving if you make mistakes. You can always switch to Hydro when you've got the basics down. Soil is alot cheaper and in my opponion, just flat out smokes better...sure all you hydro heads will flame me but this is just my oppinion..Good Luck Man:smoke:
  5. I just find having a little room with nice lights and a sweet hydro system fascinating. Not just that, but that's where I want to start.
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    for your first nutes since your going soiless or dro right off the bat..get the technaflora recepie for success kit...about 40$ will last you all year, comes with 10 bottles , all the additives and even some rootech cloning gel...just a damn good set of nutes for a realy low price plus it's very easy to follow and hard to f'k up..

    about fed's: think about it, you and 5 bajillion other folk's are growing right now...
    and in the south thermal is illegal , flir is not, so make sure your exhausts are not just pumping extra hot air outside, vent to the roof/crawlspace/attic or under the home...

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    Since most of the houses I've been looking at moving into have a departed garage but overhead walk way connect I will just suck the air into the garage attic with carbon filters starting from close to the grow op. too.

    Also, with thermal not being legal in the south, im growing weed...

    The tent says it can equip up to 4 * 1000w HPS/MH lamps! Fcking radonkulous.

    Which leads me to my next question, with more lights, you have more heat and more electricity. So whats the highest amount of electricity that should be used and not look un norm? Im gona pretty much do 24 hour veg, 12 hour flower, for the timings.
  8. You must smoke some good stuff to be so paranoid lol. If your ventilation system is adequate, your grow room wouldn't even register, just your exhaust. And by not being legal, he means it's not admissable in court.

    Are you stuck on ebb and flow? You could make a DIY bubble bucket for like 1/4 of the cost of that setup.


    Make 12 of those and hook it up to a big rez haha.
  9. just remember, even if you have a medical license, that is ONLY for state laws. feds can still bust you. chances are slim tho if you keep it small time. those that say thermal is illegal in the south, that maybe true(i didnt research to verify), but thats not going to stop the atf or dea from using them. they can basically do what they want. them dirty bastards even use kids under 18 for setting up drug dealers. feds can also go back quite a ways to bust you. a buddy of mine just got popped for a conspiracy charge from 5 years ago involving pot.
  10. I understand all the legal consequences, which is why i am trying to be steathly.

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