Just a few questions so I can correct a possible soon to be issue

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  1. So I have 2 plants growing at the moment one peyote critical and 1 sour diesel medical I am running currently one 600 W LED on veg and on 18-6 light cycle I am in a tent that I built with a steady removal of air And I am in the basement kind of fighting humidity recently betwen 55% to 63 %rh In temps about 72° to 76゚ just transferred to Fabric pots 5 gallons.. For 5 days ago I Started LST And the past 3 nights I realized the Critical keeps getting very droopy leaves 3 to 4 hours before 12:Am light shut off.. I'm only watering about every 6 days but my medium is still damp an inch below so I don't think it's an over watering or under watering issue Possibly not enough heat ?Possibly too much Humidity?? Any insite is much appreciate Sorry for long post but I wanted to eliminate lots of questions. Will attach pics from yesterday as well as one from other night when it got droopy..I do believe that's also after a water but they were already kinda droupy..just maybe not that much..

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