just a few questions about my grow :)

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  1. hey peeps

    so i've got a question about growing and i figured id best ask here.

    i've got a friend of mine who swears by taking a syringe of nutes (at the right dose) and syringe feeding the base of a plant using it.

    im not sure if i should try it or not.
    i just wanted some input from a large selection of growers as to whether this is a good or bad idea

    ive got a feeling it is probably a bad idea but then again i guess it makes sense as the roots are there so i dont really know.

    at the moment i use watering globes and on every refill i will add nutrients at quater strength (2.5ml to 380ml water) as my plant is an auto. (not yet they have only just got their first set of leaves)

    so maybe someone could chime in on that too

    i want to be sure my plants are 100% happy and healthy and i get as much bud as possible

    p.s some info on the nutes

    and the soil is canna terra professional soil

    ive got two led bulbs (one per plant although maybe i could get more?)

    the plants are from herbies and are called fast and vast auto by heavyweight

    ive tried doing my homework but maybe someone has better ideas
  2. They ur not encouraging roots to grow to look for nutes n water it will work but can't see it been better u ne3d to proper wet ur soil

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  3. thats what i was thinking yeah
    i guess injecting just sort of gives it to them suppose if the plant is sick its ok but past that its a nogo :)
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  4. If you want as much bud as possible - create a good environment, good medium and nutes, and a shitload of light. Have you ever seen a farmer of any kind inject nutes into the base of a plant with a syringe?
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  5. nope i have not :)
    im sort of going by what i read online and the injection thing was based off what a friend told me
    he said it would make it easier for the plant as thats where they absorb it or something like that ( it goes straight to the roots like weedkiller but actually good for them)
    i thought it did sound strange though which is why i figured id ask the people who know their shit :D
  6. I apologize if my remark came off as disparaging. The truth is, you're going to hear a lot of weird shit and old stoner myths about how to improve potency, taste, and growth, and most of it is BS. Like I said in my above post - good environment, nutes, and light.
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  7. Ima get saline bags and iv feed my plants
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