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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Zylark, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. In addition to lights-teccie work, I'm an AV teccie. That is I work with hugescreens on different events. Here's a backround image I made for a Goal and Timekeeper application I made for pro-league soccer team's homehugescreen...

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  2. ...and a cover design for a local bands EP...


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  3. ...a still from an animation i made for a recent gig...

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  4. trippy shit
  5. lol,

    ChillZ: love your signature.

    Eating pills in dark rooms with repetative music. Ah the foresight of some people.
  6. I'm stuck on the last level of mafia right now. If I don't finish Sam off soon, I'm gonna take my tommy gun and make some true mayhem at the Parlament for them not making laws that require end-game-levels to be stoner friendly.
  7. Nice ta see another "graphics Mon" out there and doin real good by the looks of things:)
    Da"Let's See Some more"Captn
  8. Most my 3D-animation work I do is work related, and pretty boring. The "classical" logo spin with some reflection always impresses the clients, and pays some of my bills, but as I said, its *booooring*

    Anyho' I got a lot of free time on my hands until after newyears so I'm currently working on a huge animation for a video I'm making to one of my bands tunes. (Not to mention working on the webpage and music, but hey, I gotta focus on one thing at a time :) )

    The animation is still far from finished, but here's a stillframe from the opening title...

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  9. when I'm finished building it, there will also be the "Spaceship-flyby" shot so popular in Star Wars openings and Spaceballs. There won't be any fighting or shit, but rather it is to be like the spaceship "cheech'n'chong" would have driven. Intergalactic weed smugglers R Us... Call sign THC420 Painted in big bright letter along the side, and a huge MJ leaf at the back with a slogan underneath (haven't figured that one out yet) reminiscent of the hysterical "We brake for nobody" slogan at the back of the spaceballs ship...
  10. nice work. being a soccer freak I love the first one ;)

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