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Just a couple of things.. Ps I love you all!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Basically have to get this off my chest, new years eve my resolution was to quit weed for 3 months cold turkey from smoking every day. Nobody thinks I would do it. Instead I been going back to the gym and trying to get a little bit fitter. I have gone over 2 months and a week and I'm so happy! I am so excited to go back to it now after saving up all this money it's been a good break but I'm ready to return to it.

    So this is for people that find it hard to go on long T-breaks, it's awesome! :smoke:

    On the other hand I'm fucking fed up of waking up with a hangover and doing really stupid shit the night before because I'm off my tits on alcohol and I don't know how this poison is legal, oh well...

    Oh yeah, from somebody from the UK I LOVE AMERICAN PEOPLE! :smoke: AND CANADIAN! :smoke:
  2. Your nuts man booze is awesome.
  3. [quote name='"Forked Up"']Your nuts man booze is awesome.[/quote]

    Not anywhere near as awesome as herb my man
  4. Alcohol is fun until the next morning, I hate waking up and piecing together what happened the night before.

    And I love you too :)
  5. Yeah it has to be the right time to drink in my opinion if your going to have a good time. Preferably some ladies in the mix makes for a great time ;)
  6. Long T-Breaks suck, but its worth it when you rip one bowl and your as high as the first time you smoked.

    Enjoy your herbs.
  7. Congratulations on your (so-far) successful break. I've been trying for a while to take one but weed always seems to find it's way back into my hands (and lungs :p). A pro-tip from somebody who works at a spirit distillery: drink two to three large glasses of water before going to sleep while drunk, and if possible piss before passing out, because hangovers are caused by dehydration, and if you can satisfy your body's need for liquids (water, not ANY liquids >_>) you'll have an easier time waking up. I've still never had a hangover since I've began using that method. Enjoy =)

  8. I can't like this post enough!!! I used to always throw up after waking up from drinking. Now I literally chug as much water as possible before passing out (at least 3 full glasses) and have yet to feel sick the next day. It works wonders!
  9. if your gonna take a break from something I'd take a break from the booze or both but good work I know t-breaks can be hard I'm like a month in on mine
  10. You gotta vlog your comeback toke

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