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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by THCaleb, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. I wanna thank everyone for helping me and supporting me thru the beginning of my journey. If it wasn't for all of you in the cannabis world then I would've never found out about FoxFarm soils n nutes, other organic products, and the LED Grow Lights. I never knew there were small wattage ones lol. I always thought I needed a facility that needs the 400w+ grow lights, which I eventually would love to have a grow facility lol and a lil outdoor space for certain Indicas and just about all the Sativas I grow. For now tho, I am where THC containing cannabis is illegal so I gotta be on point and keep it indoors for now. I'm glad there's places like this online tho where one can be free in a sense. Lol, I believe one day it will be available for everyone if they need it. I think we're goin in the right direction, especially people that actually get it done. I'm also a felon too so.... yeah... lol... Anyway, thanks everyone for teaching me what I know now, and also the support you've given me that drives me to do personal research!!!
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