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Just a bad trip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hotlibrarian, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Okay so last night I smoked a bowl before I went to bed to help me go to sleep, I think I may have blew a couple hits out my nose because about an hour later when I was trying to sleep I started tripping out thinking stuff was in my throat , and the my brain was draining down it, I could feel it in my throat like stuff was going down it. It was weird and my head felt like my brain was getting smaller whenever id move my head it felt like whatever was left was just moving around so i ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance, they did blood tests and told me it was stress. Has this ever happened to you
  2. Wow that sounds terrible. You probably shouldn't smoke as much next time just to make sure it doesn't happen again. Bud does give people paranoia sometimes..

  3. Sounds like an anxiety attack to me.
  4. I wish my weed did that.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. You'll get more experience with learning to ride your highs instead of fighting them. Doing that leads to anxiety, and it's never too pleasant. You probably just got a little too stoned. Learn to hit your target zone.
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    Sounds nowhere near as bad as my bad trips. <_< Last night I took one more rip than i should have and found myself with massive headspins and throwing up. This is like the third or fourth time this happens to me.
  7. I can't believe you went to the hospital. Did you tell them that you were lying down and thought that everytime you moved your head your brain would liquify and drain down your throat? So they did blood tests?

    hahaha man yeah just a bad trip.
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    I went to the hospital because I was worried about my health, to be specific my heart, because of an anxiety attack. It was a horrible experience, and I wasn't on any drugs. They told me it was worry too, and were right.

    So sorry to hear about it, it must have been a horrible experience. Mabye next time smoke little less.

    Seriously, I just smoke a tiny bit. If I want a top up an hour later, I have a top up.

    Try smoking such a tiny amount you wouldn't think it would get you high. you'll probably be surprised.
  9. I milked a four footer and blew half it out my nose. Later I had a random nosebleed in the smoking circle. But nothing like that. Crazy shit.
  10. Stop calling it a bad trip. It was a bad high. There is a difference.

    Also, don't worry about any weird thoughts or feeling you have while high. Just remind yourself it's just the weed. Weed has never killed anyone and it has definitely never caused someones brain to liquefy and drip down their throat lol.
  11. Yeah I know what your talking about, I used to get that sensation that something was stuck in my throat. But you just gotta relax and remind yourself that you can't die from smoking weed. Sounds like you just had an panic attack.

  12. just the other day we hotboxed my friends car, and after about 15 minutes i felt the area under my knee that tendon thing that connects your leg. i started to feel my pulse and felt sickened, i actually thought i cut my leg by touching it with my hand. i started to get sick and had to get out of the car and walk around for a few minutes. but right after i got back in and was fine for the rest of the high, which was actualy really enjoyable. it definately was a bad trip, what ive figured is that if you focus on bad thoughts like your throat thing, the weed will just make it seem worse, just like if something is really good it will intensify the good too. usually i never start thinking about the bad shit, but i made the mistake to do so, just tell urself ur cool put on some marley and chilll
  13. Bad experience. I'm not too fussed on terminology,

    but people who have entered other universes through lsd and DMT msy get offended if you call this a trip.

    Bad experience sums it up nicely.

    Will you be smoking weed again?

  14. hmm yea I guess so, and yes I will be smoking again i Just took a day off it thats all.
  15. rofl, yea they did a blood test and I swear I heard them say something about marijuana in another room too, but aparently I have low blood level they called this morning to tell me that.

  16. They were probably having a good laugh about you in that other room. How did you keep yourself convinced you were fucked for the whole time you were at the hospital? I hope this whole thread was a joke you should have just went to sleep and had nice dreams.
  17. Hahaha they were probably just thinking man we need to calm this stoner down do a blood test or something, he'll be fine in an hour.
  18. Dude, people go to hospital during panic attacks all the time.
    People get panic attacks and think they're having a heart attack, without drugs.

    Don't be so harsh.
  19. Yeah I know that, but he said he felt like his brain was liquifying and melting down his throat. If he said THAT to the nurses, they would have been like wtf :confused: :rolleyes:

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