Jus wanna no how u think shes doing

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  1. So ive had thisclone for about 2 weeks now and she is doing great jus transplanted her today. I have 2 cfls with mylar stuff in the box. Temp stays from 70 to 75 daily im doing 18/6 i feed her every 3 days and water every 2 days any tips and help r appreciated will keep pics up every week to show growth.

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  2. looks good. just be careful about over-watering. You want to water her as needed, keeping her on a watering schedule can cause problems.

    You want to let the soil dry out pretty good, then water until 20% at least is dripping out of the bottom.

    If you're not checking your pH you should start now. We have seen in a few threads the last couple of days how quickly that can go bad.

    You're doing great! :wave: :smoke:
  3. ok thanks and what ph do u think they should be at
  4. I have actually been reading that its better to keep your soil always moist (not soaked) rather than letting it dry out. When you let the soil dry out, you start to accumulate nutes in your soil which begins to put your PH way out of whack. This is based on reading, not first hand experience, but I figured I would throw it out there.
  5. makes sense but that is also the reason for the watering so 20% runs out, to flush out the nutes. IDK man, I grow hydro.
  6. me 2, which is why I stressed that I only read about it. But it did come from Lucas, and that man knows his shit, I tend to trust what I read from him.
  7. looks good! the first thing i would improve is the light.. light light light.. looking good though!

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