jus proved to my dad....

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. ...that weed really doesnt affect your driving at all. he needed me to follow him to the car shop so he could drop his car off, n he smelt weed on me n got all pissed off like "i dont wanna get in a wreck, do i have to have pap do it" n i told him to chill the fuck out, he didnt say anything about my driving at all on the way back and when we got home i was like "so was that super intoxicated gonna crash driving?" n he jus said some smartass comment like always but i could tell he knew i drove good while high

    haha so now he cant bitch at me for driving high
  2. Although I do it, I've never bragged about driving under the influence of anything... Kinda lame IMO.
  3. when i had my permit my dad seemed to want to go practicing drivingevery time i smoked in the shower...like tell me to get dressed as im walking to my room. i've driven high more than sober :D
  4. i'm not bragging, my dad just thinks weed is just as bad as every other drug, n i proved that it doesnt get you totally wasted like other drugs do
  5. Yeah you are. :confused:
  6. what do they have against you spreading some positive vibes and a semi-interesting story? :confused:

  7. yea, definitely bragging, :confused:
  8. Negligent= evrybody hatin on him, fuck em haters mayne

    It feels good to prove your parents wrong. I never had to though because the first time I tried pot w/ a friend was from my dad's stash lol. We smoke on the regular now, I love it!
  9. ah, i was all happy reading this and then buzz kill with the people with complex's...
    sometimes i shouldnt read the comments.

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