jus planted my first baby

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 28, 2002.


How good will this grow when it's mature

  1. A lotta bud, Enjoy

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  2. Average, u gonna have some weed

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  3. Sh't, u gonna have to chop it before u get a gram

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  4. Yo plants are already dead

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  1. k, jus threw in seeds of some bud I've been smoking. Most of it was dank, so hopefully something grows, hopefully female. Thing is, I have no clue wha Im doing. I jus water and keep a lighter on it. Oh well, hopefully something grows
  2. I already put my vote
  3. wich kind of flight ur using and how much time per day you give it light??
  4. well I jus planted it, so im using a 250watt bulb with 91/2 hours of light. Over the weekend, it was on all the time, but I don't trust it so i turn it off when I leave to school or sleep cuz its too bright
  5. first thing is that your light is not good at all. your light is an incadescnent (the normall one that u put in a lamp) thoes kind of light do not emmit enought light and the color spectrum is not good. i suggest you tu buy 2 fluorescent light(usually called neon) the long tubes they ave in governement building. if you cant do that put your plant on the windows even if there no sunshine. it will be better than incadescent. and your plant need at least 15 hours of light each day so the maximum darkness you want to give it is 9hours not a min more. if you cant buy fluo and you put it under your windows, the light cycle is too short now (cant ave 15 hours of light on this periiod of the years) so isuggest you to give it the rest under your incadescnet but the shorter time you can. this is only a temporary solution. youl NEED some fluo. buy it as soon as possibe

    by the way i see that your a newbie on growing plant so i suggest you to go at http://www.overgrow.com/faq/browse.php and read the FAQ section. you will learn so much. or you just can search google for information
  6. k thanx, i love my poll, 4 votes for the 4th option. can a mod make it funnier and make it 999999 votes?

  7. Your wish is my command.

    Now when you want it back, I'll set it back to 7 votes where I found it.
  8. nah, it looks better like that, im like a younger rodney dangerfield, I get laughs off myself.

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