Jus got my seeds!! *pics*

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    got these seeds off a frend cos i shared my nitrazepam tabs with him a while back...theres lots there and he assures me theyr genuine. gonna germinate some tnyte i think an hope they work out. any suggestions for stealthy germination/growing techniques??
    plus, they look genuine to you guys?
    i hope its a good strain hehehe
    cheers for any input
  2. to germinate, just moisten a papertowel and ring it out until it doesn't drip, then place the seeds in and fold so all sides are locked in so no seeds can fall out. watch for a small white tounge-like taproot to show, then plant in soil.

    that's as far as i'll go. there are probably millions of grow guides on the internet.

    sorry to burst your bubble, but seed collections like that usually are the result of a big bag of middies.
  3. dude...all we get round here is soapbar hash and when we do get skunk its always the same shit...occasionally white widow/ak47/north lights bt really people drop the bud on some paper till all the chrystals fall off, then smoke them(or make hash with them and some of the weed) then sell it for the same price they bot it for...thx for the help tho. ima germinate some tnyte. how many shud i do?
  4. looks like any normal seeds but like dude above me said, whos gonna have that many seeds unless it came from a a pound or so of mids or somethin? That'd be alot of money right there if those were all strain seeds
  5. anything thatll get me high that isnt soap bar hash :smoke:
    how long do seeds generally take to germinate?
  6. [​IMG]

    ok so i put approx 15 seeds in between 4 warm&damp tissues and put them on a plate, then covered it with clingfilm and sealed as best i could. im keepin em in my bedside drawer under my pc monitor, beside ma pcs etc cos its proly th warmest and safest place in my room to keep em. my radiator in my room dont work so its usually qwite cold but if it can keep a hamster alive (lost one :( ) then it can surely sustain the very durable cannabis plant, in my drawer hehehe.
    anyways ima check up on em a few times evry day til they sprout, which will make me very happy. once it gets to the so called "vegetative state" and looks like a real cannabis plant(s) im gonna lurrrrve it to bits...im thinking of names right now heheheh

    qwestion: how long do they have to grow for before one can determine the sex of the plant? i just want one thatll produce buds ... so that means female...correct?
    im so excited!!! :hello: :hello: :hello: :smoking: :wave:
  7. lol.. you're wierd. just kiddin. You should let those seeds germ in a warm dark spot for anywhere from 1 day to a week depending on.. well, if theres a sprout or not. you'll be able to tell, if not, take pictures when youre not sure.
  8. cheers peeps :smoke:
    oh, and the reason id smoke any skunk thatd get me high is cause all i get round here (mostly) is soap bar hash...and when there IS skunk its just what u guys would see as mids/lower skunk :p
    just cause..well..its scotland and hash is what most people smoke cos theyr mostly after a 'buzz' but im the 420 stoner type and i like to enjoy my highs for what they are...inspiring and amazing. sorry..ranted on a lil there. anyways, will be sure to keep yas updated on progress :) :) :smoke: :smoking:

    *edit*oh, and..lets just say peeps round here are willing to pay BIG for decent skunk...hehehe...*edit*
  9. babies havent germinated yet...they seem to have swollen up a lil bit.
    just a qwestion but do dope seeds usually look different from other seeds, and if so, in your opinion(s) do those up there^^ look like genuine dope seeds??
  10. lol dude have you never picked seeds out of a bag of mids or something? yes, they are real. however, they could be from a ton of schwag and be really old. who knows? oh and next time if you want them to germinate a bit faster try soaking them in warm water for about 12 hours before putting them in the moist paper towels. they should still germinate how they are now, but not as quickly.
  11. thx man..just that sum1 told me the guy ripped me off and gave me bird seed but they sure as hell dont look like no birdseed i ever seen..plus birdseeds are really dry and kinda easy to crush between ur fingers and im sure they dont swell up if u soak em in water lol anyways cheers i hope my babies grow nice and healthy. :smoke:
  12. yay! :hello: :hello: :hello:
    a few of my babies have cracked open and two of them look like this:
    (sorry bout the crappy pic its kinda hard cos theyr so small :p )

    yeah well this has boosted my confidence about them being real :)
    the sprouts havent fully came out yet but hopefully another day or so and they will have.
    uhm..do they only need light when the sprouts have fully grown outwards and began to turn green? and when the sprouts have came right out can i just plant them (sprout upwards) in some nice soil and plant pot for it to begin its journey into smokage?>
    thanks in advance :) :)
    :smoking: :wave:
  13. youre welcome in advance. actually the white root tip goes down in the soil. get some small pots with regular potting soil (making sure its not miracle gro or anything that contains fertilizer and nutrients because this is bad for the seedling). mist spray the soil a little so its nice and damp and wait about 15 minutes before planting the seed about 1/3 of an inch deep in the soil. cover the pot with something thatll hold the moisture in and put it somewhere warm and dark. when you see a sprout, put it under some fluorescent bulbs. do NOT use regular bulbs because they are so hot, i screwed up my first grow this way.
  14. thx :)
    do i need to use special lighting or can i just use natural light/low wattage bulbs?
    thx in advance ;)
    the seedlings r getting bigger and some more have cracked open, yay!!
  15. im pressuming you arent willing to spend a lot of money on lightning? if so you need to pick up a FLUORESCENT light bulb, those are the spiral ones. get the highest watt they have. i got my 150 watt output fluro for 10 bucks.
  16. they just sell em in haqrdware stores?
    is it possible to grow the plant(s) without any form of special lighting...cos i remember my friend's dad threw some seeds into his front garden and a few weeks later they were plants...tho his missus chopped em all up :(
  17. well of course you can grow them outdoors.. is that what youre planning to do? i was talking about indoor lighting
  18. well i DID plant some randomly outside and am planning to plant some at school tomorow (hehe :smoke: tis my last day so i need to do SUTHIN special) and uhm these i was gonna plant indoors..do i NEED special lighting to grow em indoors?
    how long should i wait after theyve sprouted to plant em?
    should i just put one seedling per pot?
    once again, thx :)
  19. you can put them near the window but its definetly better to have controlled lighting as it will greatly improve your plants growth and yield. plant them as soon as you see about a centimeter of the root tip come out, because if you wait longer the root tip will curve and is likely to be damaged during the planting process, yes, one seedling per pot
  20. dude you ask to many questions press the search button but anyways heres a little help that will go a long way do not plant seedling until taproots are like half a pinky long ussually two three days after seeds crack place in soil 26 oz cup filled with soil thats been prewatered remember to poke a hole with a pencil an inch deep place taproot first then lighly sprinkle soil then water with a sodacap full of water next is lights you gotta have light homedepot is the place your best bet is the 150 watt worklight(5.97) and 150watt bulb(10.00) remember each bulb is really 42 watts so get 4 which will then leave you with 164 watts of power now your ready to grow hope this helps:D keep on smoking/growing little buddy:bongin:

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