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    so i guess Sarnia has some potential, just moved here from the GTA :p, not the same as the hustle bustle of toronto buuuutttt i like it lol.

    so onto the story,

    So my sister and her freind were driving down this road in town when they passed a young man who looked to be 19. Now only being 18 my sister's friend we'll call her J can't buy her smokes, so they asked this random kid if he could buy them smokes, he agree'd on one conditon, they drive him to his friends house, my sister being overly friendly of course agree'd, so later on myself my sister L and J went to go pick up this kid, we'll call him R. So R gives us directions into town and buys the smokes nbd, After he asks us if we want to chill at his buddies, we said sure vuz we had nothing to do see'ing we just moved here and didnt kno anyone.

    So we get to R's friends house. so all 5 of us are chillin out side Me, L, J, R and L (R's friend), so L goes inside and grabs this 2ft Pure glass on glass bong i was like :eek: lol, and smoked me and J a couple bowls of some bomb weed, (my sister doesn't smoke anymore) so were all jus chillin and another friend comes over B, then we decide to go swimming under the brigde that goes from Sarnia to Michigan, we chilled there and swam for a bit then i went home lol.

    I kno this isnt a intense story but its jus a chills/positive one, there so much drama in the Real life storys thread, i jus wanted to post some casual shit,

    TLDR; met some cool kid while trying to buy smokes, went to his house he smoked us some dank, went swimming under a brigde, made are first set of friends in Sarnia :smoke::D

    i think i'll like it here.
  2. tha 519 haha

  3. yeeeee lol :smoke::smoke:
  4. cool story bro
  5. Sarnia is more of a retirement community (not too lively, not too many things to do).
    As long as you keep finding things to do your all right. Swimming under the bridge is one of the few options.

    Also if you want cheap cigarettes here, you can get 2 dollars packs or 20-30 cartons at the native reserve (depending if you want bags or packs)

    also you see the powerboat races yesterday? they were pretty dirty.
  6. i didnt evem kno there was a indian reservem that pree cool actually, and naw i didnt see the races, im in london for a few days :smoke:
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    yeah man Sarnia is full of natives haha, they can be intimidating sometimes, they just like to get drunk and cause shit. If you need directions to the smoke shacks ill let you know or show you if you want, there are like 5 or 6 its some pretty intense competition.
  8. Holy fuck...I live in sarnia
  9. Cruising lakeshore as we speak
  10. lakeshore definitely has some sick houses. Mike Weir and Dino Ciccarelli have houses down there.
  11. I'm reppin 519 as well dub city
  12. reppin the 519 AND the 905 :smoke: and i love cruising lakeshore, Old lakeshore's even better, its like crusing down the beach in cali :smoke:
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    Yeee right through brights grove

  14. lol i just moved there on friday aha :smoke:

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