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Jury Duty..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by apoundedorifice, May 4, 2011.

  1. I have jury duty tomorrow morning, and I really dont feel like sitting around in a courtroom all day with a bunch of cops and a piece of shit asshole of a judge. Specially if the trial is about drugs, I dont want to hear people bitch about how "drugs are baad, Mmkayy" all day long, since I will be liable to get a contempt of court charge.

    Any good Ideas on how to get dismissed from jury duty, WITHOUT getting arrested?
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    Hey me too
  3. Yeah, well its midnight where Im at, and I gotta be there at 8 in the morning, and the courthouse is an hour from my house.

    Guess whos sleeping in the courthouse tomorrow!
  4. tell the judge your for marijuana and that will get you out for free
  5. say your racist?
    have a biased opinion?
    idk maybe some other blades can come up with a few ideas
  6. last time i went to jury duty, i didnt even get called. i sat in the room for 5 hours and played tetris. just do it.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I wish you luck. Make sure to bring a book or a fully charged smart phone (if you have one).
  9. JoCo NORML | Jury Nullification
  10. Couldn't you just have failed the prescreening?
  11. I didnt say anything about jury duty, but I did say that judges are cocksucking assholes and worthless motherfuckers for the most part..haha

    And why does that picture look soo familiar?
  12. Bring an MFLB lol... I swear I think whenever i get jury duty (bound to happen eventually) I'm going to have a strong buzz through out it lol I can control my self perfectly so as long as i don't smell like it, I will be dandy.
  13. I would definitely get super stoned before I had to go, and during lunch, but I dont have any bud to smoke, which makes it even worse because I gotta sit in a court room sober all day, and I cant even go home at the end of the day and smoke.:(

  14. 12 angry men. nice dude.
  15. just tell them he's guilty and you aren't changing your mind no matter what.

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