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jury duty

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aaman4567, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. i got summoned to do jury duty :confused: do they drug test or anything lol just wondering, thanks. :smoking:
  2. Eh, i would'nt worry. if you have shit in your system, they would proboally just not make you be on the jury. i dont think they can arrest you from a postive of thc (can they?)
    Act really rascist if your worried :p then they wont want you lmao
  3. They do not drug test you.

    EDIT: Don't show up stoned though. Way too many cops around.
  4. Can you get in trouble for being high? I thought it was for posession.
  5. No but who wants that kind of attention when you're in the courthouse? I know it would be a major buzzkill for me!

  6. Notify all your jury peers - the entire room where you sit before the whole jurying process, of their power to nullify any law they see is immoral or unjust. This is called jury nullification. The courts do not tell incoming jurors of this power, and most are unaware of this amazing power that the people have at their fingertips.

    You cannot get prosecuted for informing others of this power, as it is plain information and truth: so go wild and walk around and tell everyone - it's going to take a long time anyways, might as well spread some useful information. There will be a good bit of people there that you can interact with and inform them of this power.
  7. Just don't mention it during selection, do it after you are seated on a jury. Judges and Prosecutors alike loathe nullification and will go to great lengths to disqualify you if they think you know about it.
  8. No, they definitely don't drug test. At least not in my state. (I got called for jury duty as soon as I turned 18, that was some bullshit :p).

    Like everyone else said though, I wouldn't go high if I were you.
  9. It's funny that most people don't realize the power that juries hold. Jury nullification is a powerful tool, and it's a surprising and sad fact that most people don't know about it.
  10. i'm not gonna smoke before i go lol, i was just curious cuz i got a half oz today and i just wanted to make sure i could enjoy it for the next couple weeks

  11. You gonna go through with telling your fellow jurors about jury nullification?

  12. I went to traffic school stoned outta my mind and I didn't even take eye drops. I was eating food and looking at the cops and none of them knew I was high!
  13. ^^

    Trust me they knew. They just didn't care.

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