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Jupiters Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Absinthe_Addict, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. hey just wondering if any of u guys have tried or heard of a stain called Jupiters kush...its a stong body/mind high.....i think its indica let me know.....if ya heard anything...
  2. ive heard and had "Mars Kush" i bought it from a cannabis club. it was a very potent strong kushy smell.. but never heard of jupiter kush.
  3. Jupiter Kush is some DANK. I can't remember if I bought a sack, or my homeboy had it... Oh shit, thas it, my homie rolled a FAT Backwood of that shit. Dank as fuck.
  4. if you do a search here at the city youll likely find a relatively new pick up threads showing off these different types of kush, i think there were picks of jupiter and mars kush, dont remember the rest
  5. Iv heard of it before, i heard it from some guy who picked it up at a medical place or something. Its dank shit !
  6. yep, thats where i heard of it.
  7. Yeah, I've heard of it before. I've seen some pictures from a post like hitman and virtuoso said.
  8. I've seen Cosmic Kush, I think thats a local strain though.
  9. Ive smoked both Jupiter and Mars Kush.

    The Jupiter is one of my top strains, super super potent... SUPER.
  10. DANK! Get that sh**

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