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Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by onebadsig, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. I purchased 30 seeds from MNSL about 6 months ago and got some auto flowering sour diesel,Bluetooth and berry and out of the 30 seeds over half would not even germinate some did crack open but just stopped growing.Out of the 30 I only had 3 that popped up and after 3 weeks they have only grown two sets of leaves and are very stunted to the point of not worth growing and also seamed to have stopped growing.After 2 weeks of emailing MNSL they have failed to respond so I wanted to share this disappointing news with you all!I would not bother with this company there seeds are JUNK and appearantley so is the customer service JUNK! Its strange because I always heard good things about this company and it was the first time I bought from them.Just to note I have been growing for 5 yrs and can provide pics of my grows that shows I know what im doing,something really wrong with those seeds and they are not responding to 2 weeks of emails.I will not buy from them ever again and recommend buyers beware!
  2. if they popped, i'd be looking at my issues
  3. With autos especially, good breeders are a must.
    Many breeders have jumped on the auto bandwagon with insufficient testing.
    Hermies, stunted growth, etc can come from bad breeders.
  4. over 20 seeds didnt even pop and the ones that did just popped and are hardly growing,There bad seeds no doubt!Only 3 popped and sprouted but havent done a thing in 2 weeks.Germination environment was perfect.
  5. I mentioned this before on another thread..I complained once to MSNL about a seed that was a completely different strain than I had ordered (grew it next to 2 others of the same batch)..They responded in 24hrs apologizing and making things more than right!! Otherwise, all has been good..delivery, germination rate (over 98%) and customer service too!

    Sure wish Growers Choice here had a better selection of feminized seeds..Would like to give them a try;)
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  6. Have you grown before? What's your environment like?
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  7. i have ordered from them before (i like Nirvana for autoflower strains) and the seeds are ok
    but had a problem with them cracking on their own, had to help them crack or they would die
    Might help u with ur issue
  8. 4 emails over 2 weeks no response!
  9. been growing 5 yrs with no issues! 4 grows per year.
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  10. Odd..but who knows..I am not going to be buying any more beans until the 1st quarter of 2018..Will give Grower's Choice a shot, but I wish they had more of a feminized selection...
    It seems as though all seed banks go thru shit from time to time..for me..MSNL has earned another shot.
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    That sucks.. must have missed that part in your original post I see it now.. and they never replied to you via email? They don't have a number you can call? Or any other email addresses? Maybe put a order in just to get their attention and "inquire about that order" but when you get ahold of em bring up your issues.
  12. well its now been 3 weeks 6 emails and no response whats so ever from MSNL,I will never use them again! Only had 6 seeds make it out of 30 and the 6 that did have been growing for almost four weeks and they are no bigger than 2-3 inches so theres deffinatley and issue with this batch of seeds,there like in extra slow motion lol any way there all going in the trash tomorrow and not wasting anymore time on these junk seeds!Hope no one has the same issue as I did with MSNL! Anyone know how good seedsman is they have some good flavors?
  13. Man I sure hope they are for real I spent couple hundred got a stash of seeds from them and Crop Kings. Planted 6 Crop King 6 plants 21 days old the MNSL seeds are next crop

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  14. They are for real..sometimes weird genetics..
    Here is their/MY Nitro Lemon Haze 3 weeks into flower..smells just like Lemon Pledge..LOL
    NLH 10-20-17.JPG
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  15. WOW good thing I ordered the same one looks like good plant any suggestions on growing it
  16. Not really except train her very well and early, or you're gonna need a ladder..LMAO!
    She stretched about 200% too..LOL
    She likes supercropping, topping,LST..the whole enchilada ..Clones easily too;)
  17. I have the auto Lemon Haze
  18. :confused_2:
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