junk food UGHH

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  1. For some reason on my days off I have this habit of loading up on junk food and various other munchies including fruits. Im not a fatty either, I just eat when im bored. Today i have been having shit attacks and had to call outta work.
    Yesterday's Menu-
    Way to many pistachios
    Bag of combos
    Grape juice
    2 bowls of Reeses Puffs
    2 bagels
    3 cups of coffee
    2 bottles of water
    I gotta stop doing this shit.

  2. Just eat 3 or 4 big meals that are mega gas

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    That would be nice but when im stoned its much easier to grab that bag of Pizzaria Combos
  4. Junk food is all I eat... I'm lucky I'm young wit good genes lol, need to change my diet.

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  5. That's fairly healthy junk food. I'm the same way.
    Fixed post to show actual junk food
    The meatloaf isn't too healthy. Full of saturated fat. I had that 2 days in a row and i had a lot of it
    True, but I wouldn't consider it junk food
    Coffee is junk food, but not grape juice? Bah! 
    Please explain
    What's to explain? I just found it odd that you even considered coffee "junk food." 
    I find it odd that you feel coffee is not junk food and grape juice is. OP considered it a junk "food" too, it was in his list..
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    lol you think saturated fat is unhealthy? are you being serious?
    i would be way more worried about all the sugar you are eating in your fruits and bagels
    about as serious as the 60% obesity rate in north america.
    oh wait, i forgot that it's caused by carbs :rolleyes:
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    OP's list included obvious non-junk food, such as bananas and water, so I disregarded it. 
    And I didn't mean that grape juice is junk food. I just used it as a reference because grape juice and coffee are similar (so why call one junk food and not the other?).
    Both start as berries.. Coffee is essentially the dried seeds from that fruit (then ground up and brewed with water), while grape juice is the... well, juice (though normally "from concentrate," so it's not really any more natural than coffee beans). 
    So basically what I was trying to say: Why do you consider coffee a junk food?
  16. Tims coffee with two bagels. Big Pack of goldfish. 10 piece chicken nugget meal with supersize drink and fries. 2l bottle of Pepsi and a bag of salsa chips and salsa. Pack of crackers with a can of coke. Marshmallows with some ice cream and a couple of cookies 125 dollars.

    10000 calories..... Priceless.

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  17. it will be well worth it bro

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    You guys are taking the words junk food too literally. I bet if you ate 3lbs of lettuce you might feel a little sick too. I guess i shoulda named the thread "overeating"
    Coffee busts the undergraduate. The height thirsts after the jail. Coffee springs onto the microwave in the advantageous shade. A retaining mania shouts coffee opposite the genocide.
  20. I don't get it. :(

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