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junior9j's aero 60 grow

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by junior9j, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Ok got new beans in they are all starting to pop as I'm typing this up under a 6 bulb t-5 light there are several different strains I'll tell you what they are as pics come in there are 2 aero 60 setups with 9k Watts anyone and everyone can follow as this is my third grow in this system I'll be in veg. For 2 weeks and then flower it seems to work well for me that way and I'm not sure why 3 was to long plants got way to big with the first grow and were just right on the second so follow me and I'll take loss of in put
  2. Well I put my little guys in the system last night and they seem to be doing well with it can't wait to see them take off
  3. neither can I! should be a fun watch with all those damn plants!! what strains you putting in there?
  4. I have some Dina chem ,Kush and cheese,purple wreck ,auto sweet tooth ,purple paralasys,white widow ,and a few more not sure
  5. its not hard to run multiple strains on a connected system like that?
  6. It can be but it is do able just have to slowly bring up nute levels so the ones that don't like the high ppm can adjust to it without the burn
  7. I don't think that nutrient levels at the beginning are the issue you should be worrying about. What are you going to do when your auto is finishing weeks before the others or if sativas are finishing longer than indicas that need to be flushed?

  8. I pull each plant as it becomes ready place in a 5 gallon bucket of a clearing solution for 5 days under the same 12 hr light cycle with a bubble stone in the bottom it works out really nice I put the dative stuff in the back autos and indicas in the front seems to work out nice for me
  9. Where do the 5 gallon bubble buckets go to get the same light? I'd imagine the rest of the aero system is there, right?

    I have tried flushing many ways in soil indoor and outdoor and hydro indoor, and I think you will be surprised by the quality of smoke if you flush for longer.
  10. The buckets go in the room with the systems there is 9k Watts in a 12x15 room they get the light just the same trust me there are 2 aero 60 systems and I can flush up to 15 at a time for as long as I need to they say with the solution they only need 5 days to completely flush out and yes the smoke is way better on a flushed plant by far you can tell it between 2 and 5 days after 5 days there is no change with the setup I use though in taste or smell
  11. Ah, I can't see how it is set up. I figured the 9k was directed upon only the aero systems. Without pics, who knows, I may be an old woman who reads this forum and knits. :)
  12. I'll post some pics of the setup in the morning so you have a better understanding of what I have going on keep in mind that there are 7k running in there and I use the others only when I flush the plants I'll try and get some without lines in them for you
  13. Here are a few pics of the setup I got not all the lights are shown but they are there hope you all like em let me know what you think






  14. That's a craZy setup man...can't wait to see it completely filled up!
  15. Here are a few babies the auto sweet tooth is pre flowering already



  16. Can't wait like kroptonik said. Once full it'll be crazy.
  17. Very nice set up. Is that an RO system in the pics? I'm wondering if you are running the aero-flo with the stock lines or if you have emitters on them. I'm thinking of adding emitters and am deciding which style to get.
  18. No I don't run any drop emitters in this system as the roots are in a constant nute flow any way yes it is a reverse osmosis system only a hundred gallon a day until I get the third one on it the aero system works well as it is the only thing I thought of doing was putting pure oxygen gas to the roots for extra bubbles
  19. Hi I was wondering if you would give me a ball park cost of your setup. I'm really digging ur grow. Have you had any problems getting it dialed in. As I have heard it can be harder to do with the 60.
  20. I have almost 8k tied up in it with out any extras and I got everything in a package deal on craigslist from one guy who was needing cash

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