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Junior Mods

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Royksopp, May 10, 2010.

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  1. I did but I think I titled it incorrectly lol
  2. Figures! :p

    I'll hunt you down in my massive collection of PM's. :D
  3. I really d not want to see your PM inbox LOL!!!


  4. My bad, I didn't even think about the inbox of a admin. I can resend it in the correct format if that would be better.
  5. No,'s cool. I found you. I'll have to download all of my PM's soon though or I'll have no room for new ones. :p
  6. Cool, well I'll cross my fingers and toes maybe I'll have a shot! lol
  7. I wub junior mints dey so gud! :love::love:

  8. Never knew there were so many people applying. Approximately how many of us do have the chance of becoming junior mints? Like how many junior mods are you looking for? Is it going to be like 2-3 per forum or something?
  9. According to the sticky, one jr mod per forum with an exception for forums that might need more than one.
  10. With the (well needed) closure of the red light district in Pandora's box I'm afraid I might not have a place as a Junior Mint anymore :(

    I'm interested in basically any of the smaller forums, politics, silicon valley, TV forum so Rummy if no one ends up applying, consider my application for PB's Jr. Mint to transfer to whatever forum you feel like sticking me in if you still need services.

  11. Ok, dude...thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. ;)

    I'm getting a good amount of PM's per day regarding this and will allow through at least the end of May before making the final decisions. :) Thanks to all of those volunteering. :D
  12. RMJL, did you get my application for planes, trains & automobiles?

    it was kinda half-assed, but i would really enjoy doing the job.
  13. Yes, I did get one from you. :)
    Your user title is making me think "uh,oh" though! :p
    J/K, dude...well, mostly. ;)
  14. Can I call dibs on general? ;)
  15. #35 docleary, May 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 26, 2010
    no, there was this thread about a guy trying to find a "friend's" address with just a cell number to go on, and i called it as someone trying to find someone else who ripped them off. everyone agreed with me, and i couldn't fit "licensed GC private investigator" in the allotted space, so i shortened it to "dick".

    thats the second time today i had to explain that to someone. :p
  16. LOL! That's funny. :D
    There's actually something called the SWSS that you could possibly become a member of...Stoners Who Solve Shit. I find that to be a little more stonery than being a GC PI but to each his own. :p
  17. the SWSS sounds cool! :metal:

    after the first blade questioned me earlier, i thought of changing my user title. now i have to. :D
  18. Anyone who loves E30s deserves planes trains and automobiles.
  19. i love ALL fine automobiles.

    but i especially love my e30. :)
  20. Bump...

    My application hasn't even been read yet. Is this gonna take a few more weeks? :confused:
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