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Junior Moderators Needed

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by RMJL, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi Blades!

    We're trying something new with the City in order to help maintain the content within each forum of our community.

    We are adding Junior Moderators to each forum. Junior Moderators will only deal with moving threads, deleting threads, closing threads for review, sticking/unsticking threads and approving any threads awaiting moderation. They will not have to deal with the so-called negative aspects of being a Moderator. They will not be issuing warnings/infractions or banning people. However, they will have the responsibility to report any threads/posts with issues within their respective forums, including signatures, so that the Moderators, Super Mods and myself (Forum Admin) can deal with the issues.

    Those that wish to become a Junior Moderator for a specific forum need to have either no warnings/infractions or very few, depending on the type of warning/infraction. They will need to have a registration date that goes back at least six months. They will also need to be very interested in the forum for which they wish to be a Junior Moderator. The more a member likes a specific forum, the more likely they are to strive to make it the best forum in the community.

    We're very excited about the addition of Junior Moderators and feel that they will help maintain the content of our community as a whole as well as help us stay on top of issues in reference to the Grasscity Community - Forum Rules.

    We are going to try to add one Junior Moderator per forum with the exception of forums that may need more than one.

    I'll be posting a listing of all forums in this thread. In order to 'apply' to be a Junior Moderator of a specific forum, I need those that are interested to send me a Private Message with your requested forum as the title of the PM. Within the PM, I would like for you to tell me why you'd be the perfect member to handle your requested forum. In the PM, you are welcome to let me know of a second choice forum just in case someone else gets assigned to the forum you originally requested.

    There will, of course, be a trial period for all Junior Mods. I can't guarantee that once you become a Junior Moderator that you will stay a Junior Moderator. Of course, there's the possibility of being moved to Moderator status if you do an amazing job with your assigned forum. :)

    So, please take some time to think about this and then shoot me a Private Message if you are interested. I will not be responding to PM's immediately but I will respond.

    If a forum is not listed, it means that we aren't assigning Junior Moderators to that forum yet. Remember to put your requested forum in the title of the PM.

    Thanks, Blades! :)

  2. Apprentice Tokers
    This is the forum for you if you're new to toking or you have questions about the herb. If you're new to the City, this forum might be for you, as well.

    From within Recreational Marijuana Use:
    Toking Tools
    This is the forum where you can discuss and post pictures of toking tools including bongs, pipes, vaporizers, bubblers, joints, blunts, hookahs and even more.

    Stash Jar
    This forum is where you can discuss and post pictures of your current stash as well as specific strains. You can also post about where you smoke your stash, too.

    \t \t
    Incredible, Edible Herb
    This forum is for the discussion of all things related to cooking with Cannabis. Share your recipes and knowledge with others who enjoy consuming the herb.
    Seasoned Tokers
    Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our truly experienced smokers. If you're a seasoned toker, please share your vast knowledge of the herb and discuss your adventures with Mary Jane in this forum with other seasoned tokers.

    Medical Marijuana
    This forum is for the discussion of Marijuana for health and medicine.
  3. General Marijuana News from around the World
    This forum is for news on marijuana/cannabis. Feel free to post and discuss your local news and news from all around the world regarding marijuana. There's also a sub forum for the News Feed.

    Legalization and Activism
    Help end the War on Drugs! Use this forum to discuss reform strategies and to share ideas that might help change the laws and views on marijuana.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    If you're new to Grasscity, please introduce yourself in this forum.


    This forum is for general conversations not related to the other forums. Can't find a place to post? This is it.

    Real Life Stories
    This forum is where you share all of your real life stories. If you're kicked back, enjoying the herb and want to talk about it, post here.

    The Artist's Corner
    This forum is where you can share your short stories, poems, paintings, photos, graphic designs and anything else creative.

    Music Hall
    A place for the musicians and music lovers.

    The Big Picture
    This forum is divided into four sub forums where you can discuss movies, television, videos and DVD's & Blue-ray discs.
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for all sub-forums within The Big Picture.)

    Sports and Gaming Lounge
    This forum is divided into three sub forums where you can discuss gaming, poker and all sports.
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for all sub-forums within the Sports and Gaming Lounge.)

    Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    The place to discuss all that has wheels: cars, bikes, new hybrids, your mega fuel consuming pick-up truck and more. (For those fortunate enough to have a spare train or airplane, be our guest!)

    This forum is for general lifestyle discussions from the kitchen sink to sexuality and beyond.
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for all sub-forums within the Lifestyle forum.)

    Silicon (v)Alley
    Discuss computer hardware topics, PC/Mac OS X/Linux(GNU), software, programming and computer/network security.

    Science and Nature
    This is the place for discussions about evolution, technology, biology, zoology and all other forms of human advancement and ingenuity.

    Spirituality and Philosophy
    Talks surrounding the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Marijuana or about life in general.

    Grasscity Forum Humor
    If you have a funny joke or a humorous story, post here for everyone to enjoy.

    Discuss all political issues and events in this forum. Liberals, republicans, democrats or anarchists...we all disagree on something!
  5. Absolute Beginners
    Talk to other newbie growers or share FAQ's and how-to tips! Afraid you don't have a green thumb? Here are the answers.

    General Indoor Growing
    If you're growing indoors, this is the forum for you. Discuss lighting, mediums, feeding, efficiency and more.

    General Outdoor Growing
    Living in a place with a lot of sunshine and no annoying neighbors? Come here and grow with us.

    Organic Growing
    If you want to grow all natural, this is the forum for you.

    Advanced Growing Techniques
    Discuss new and advanced techniques for cannabis cultivation.
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for the sub-forum within Advanced Growing Techniques.)

    Sick Plants and Problems
    Forum involving troubleshooting and curing process of sick and injured plants.

    Grow Room Design/Setup
    Discuss your grow room designs and systems including lights, fans, security, etc...
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for the sub-forum within the Grow Room Design/Setup forum.)

    Harvesting and Processing
    Discuss various methods of harvesting, curing and processing the herb, including making resin.

    Grow Journals
    This forum is where you can keep a journal to share your personal growing experience whether it's indoor, outdoor or advanced. Image Posting allowed (JPEG, GIF and 1024kb max).
    (The Junior Moderator will be responsible for the sub-forums within the Grow Journals forum.)
  6. I separated the forums by areas because we have members that only kick back in certain areas of the City. I thought that would make it easier to choose that one forum that you'd like to monitor and keep clean and running smoothly. :)

    Please make sure you have read the Forum Rules before sending me a Private Message. :)

    Thanks to all who volunteer. We appreciate it and it shows how much you care about the City. Please know that I will probably get a lot PM's so not everyone will be chosen but, with a possibility of Junior Mods moving to Moderator status, openings might become available in the future.

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