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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by johnnyd, May 16, 2004.

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  1. i wanna know how to make jungle juice
    thinkin bout throwing a party so i wanna knonw how to make it so i can make somoe. its so good and gets u fucked up
    dont know if ne of u know what it is, or if it is just a thing in nebraksa but i was wondering if ne of u could tell me how to make it
  2. lol jungle juice is what our friend calls this horse poop mixture he makes for fetilizer.
    im cousious to see what kind of drink, it is....
  3. its like a really good drink

    its kinda fruity
    all i know is its like vodka or everclear in a big container with things like chopped up fruit and other things
    its really good and will get u fucked up
  4. Jungle juice is baaaaaaaaaad. I thought I could handle 9 of them. Ohh nooo. Bad idea, rofl. They go down so I easy I thought! Ohh too easy! Anyways I\'ve had friends who made jungle juice w/ vodka, everclear, fruit punch, lots of different sliced frutis like applies, watermelons, yadda yadda, and orange juice. Everyone has their own unique way of making jungle juice. I\'d say go w/ Bacardi 151. That\'ll teach them.
  5. Jungle Juice
    This is a great party drink, but it is VERY strong!

    1 fifth Everclear (190 proof)*
    6 bags fruit (berries, cherries, pineapple, etc.)
    2 1/2 gallons fruit punch

    * If Everclear is not available where you live, plain vodka can be substituted.

    Mix all ingredients together in a large container, starting with Everclear, then adding juice and then fruit. Do not eat the fruit for a while. Let it soak up some of the Everclear.

    be careful, grain alcohol is some potent stuff
  6. i love jungle juice... you barely taste the liquor and you get FUCKED up!
  7. no one else knows how to make jungle juice or what it is?
  8. all you need to know has been posted

  9. i thought that anything over 100 proof was illegal here(NY) ....or am i wrong.... if it isnt ive never been able to get my hands on it....grrr

  10. your wrong, the legal maxium proof allowed in ny is 160 proof...

    And it usually come sin the form of stroh ( austrian rum, smells and is supposed to taste like butter scotch) or what i use most commonly as i can only get everclear when i go on vacation or when a friend goes... is a polish grain alcohol thats 160 proof, which any local liqour store can order for you....

    If 100 proof was the maximum allowed, how do you explain bacardi 151 or half the gins, burbons, or scotch\'s availible on the ny market....

    anything over 160 proof is illegal for stores to sell in ny, its not illegal for you to posess though...

    an i only know all of this cause i help manage a fine wine and spirit store.... :)_

    ain\'t the SLA a bitch... :(
  11. Hunch punch is what I called it.

    Everclear, vodka and rum
    Lots of fruit punch and lots of fruit

    One of the last times I had it......it was made in a bathtub. Filled all the way to the top. It was a massive party. With a lot of drunk people.

  12. yeah i meant to write 160 i was high off my ass....151 is some good shit.......
  13. we called that a purple jesus party.. it basically consisted of a bathtub or extra lrage garbage bin (new of course); various liquors - vodka, rum, whiskey, moonshine once- purple koolaide or fruit jucie. whatever, no one cares and they probably won\'t remember either lol

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