Jumping on stage during concert

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  1. So last time I saw cheech and chong I didnt get to meet them but chong did turn to me and sang the dumb motherfucker song cause i wouldnt shut up the whole time so mabye ill be remembered, i also was arguing with the tour manager for like 15 mins trying to go meet them.

    IM going agiain and this year im gonna jump on the stage when they sing "up in smoke" at the end. My plan is my friend is gonna run from one end and im going to run from opposite ends of the stage and Im gona put my arm around chongs shoulder and hold up a lighter and sing up in smoke with him and my friend will do the same with cheech.

    Do you think we will get arrested? or tackeled off the stage or stopped before we even make it. I dont go to many concerts so does this happen often and what happens when someone does that.

    either way its gonna be a awasome concert.:smoking:
  2. yeah, go mess up a concert they will appreciate that:p

    good luck
  3. i wouldn't do it.
  4. get into punk and you can do that at literally every show. ive been on stage with a ton of my favorite bands, singing with them, pushing them, stage diving.

    but punks are real people, they dont mind interacting with their fans. someone with 'status' probably has guards to hurt you.

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