jumping from high places

Discussion in 'General' started by GanjaGuru92, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. does this happen to anyone else/ whenever i jump from a high place, it feels like my intestines are going to rip out my gooch. sometime even when its not from a high place. am i landing on the ground wrong or something?
  2. ur intestines are falling out of ur body.

    call a doctor.
  3. Yeah, no, can't say the same.
  4. It is damaging to the human machine to fall from great heights.
    Please discontinue or your warranty may be voided.
  5. get that feeling on roller coasters
  6. wait are you having problems with the falling or the landing
    if its just the landing giving u problems maybe you could try proper skydiving or bungee jumping ?
  7. Like vertigo? or just a stomach drop type feeling? :smoke::confused:
  8. I get it too my balls hurt super bad sometimes when i jump off shit and idk why

  9. i dont mean the feeling like on a roller coaster. im talking insides about to rip out of the lining between my balls and butt hole. it hurts, a pain. not a sensation like a stomach drop feeling.
    ^^ that dude knows what im talking about^^
  10. landing, like everything inside of me is gonna burst through the gooch area. when i land all the force gets transfered through my intestines and straight down. it hurts sometimes i think i have a hernia or something.
  11. Hmmm...
  12. sounds like a hernia

    when i jump from high places my feet sting
  13. What kind of stuff are you jumping from?And why?:confused:
  14. I have no idea why but this thread JUST MADE ME LMFAO!! Like if you fucking get pains when jumping from large heights than why do it stop it you r-tard lol.
  15. this^ is the only thing ive really experienced. and i remember from an old comedy something about squeezing your ass cheeks together if you jump into water from big heights
  16. why u jumping soo much?

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