Jumped off about a 60 foot cliff today...(pics)

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  1. So about 30 minutes away from my town there is this old abandoned rock quarry. Legend is that they were digging rocks up out from the bottom, and a crane hit a natural spring, so the whole thing filled up with crystal clear water...
    Basically this place is an OASIS!
    I mean water's so clean GOLDFISH swim in it...
    There is this one spot were its just cliffs and you walk up the side to how high you want to go and jump into water that goes 100+ feet straight down.
    So me and my friends decide to pick up some bud, head down there and have some fun.
    I'm pretty sunburnt but it was worth it...

    About 500 feet overview of all water


    Close up of side we jump off


    Clear ass water


    Cliff where first pic was taken


    Me and a friend chillin at the top


    Lookin off edge


    Gettin ready to jump


    Got high :)

  2. That place looks awesome dude, chill spot. What state is that in? (if you don't mind me asking)
  3. Wow, i must know where this is. It's beautiful.

  4. Its over here in beautiful North Carolina!
  5. Word up! I'll head over soon!
  6. that is siiiiick.
  7. Just let me know when your here and we will take a trip out there :hello:

    & if you look at the first picture you can see some of the top of the old pine trees poking up in the shallow parts.
  8. absolutely gorgeous and stunning and beautiful holy crapppppp I WANNA GO THERE!

    haha man you are lucky, congrats :D
  9. holy shit where in NC man?
  10. awesome. I love jumping off of ledges into water. Especially in beautiful places. It's so damn exhilarating.

    Just be extra careful with jumping into and swimming in quarries. They are known for having very jagged edges, and I personally know and have read about way too many people getting killed or seriously injured swimming and jumping in them.
  11. About 30 minutes away from Raleigh, close to Durham.

    That's why I like this one the water is so damn clear. You can literally see at least 30 feet straight down. We even took some glow sticks and goggles today to see if we could see the bottom. Let's just say I dropped a glow stick to see how far it goes down and I lost sight after about 30 seconds.
  12. nice man i live in NC. is it near asheville perhaps? not saying i live there or anything... :rolleyes:
  13. damn now thats a beautiful sight.. id love to jump off those cliffs even smoke near there...
  14. That looks like a chill fucking spot.

    The last pic looks like your about to get impaled by that tree.
  15. dude can you please tell me how to get there it looks rather amazing...?:D
  16. dude, i would call that place gods toilet........its just soooooooooooooooo beautiful
  17. Looks sooo amazing! You're very lucky you have access to such an awesome spot. I've been to a similar place in Oregon, never would have guessed the area pictured was in NC.
  18. dude i live close to there what city is it?

  19. Awh, that's the other end of NC for me. I have a cabin up near the Nantahala river and Lake Santeetlah. The area is just awesome. Gotta love some NC! :D
  20. Man, that cliff is epic. Reminds me of some cliff jumping ive done at lakes similar to that, but nothing with water as beautiful as that.

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