July 4th Smoke-off

Discussion in 'General' started by webbist, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    Anybody here going to be tokin on the 4th? Every fourth of july for me has been fairly lame, however this year we're going to make it good! Anybody else follow a tradition of getting high on the 4th?
  2. Tonight im copping a half O of some Silver Haze for me and my aunt, im going to NJ to my aunt's house for the 4th so it should be fun. I cant wait to see my aunt completely blitzed off her ass, its gonna be great.
  3. hell ya, im picking up a 1/4 of exotics in a little bit, hopefulyl sell it all tongiht and pick up a half of exotics on monday or something. Gonna be drinking and playing beerp ong and shit.
  4. uh i plan on drinkin some brews and doin shit. i am ordering 500mg of 2c-i that day though
  5. shrooms while having fireworks going off right over me
  6. Actually, Tuesday (which is the 4th of July), I am going to be picking up a half an ounce, of dank, crystally, pure sativa from my man, andd a nice small glass spoon pipe! I am going to get as high as a fucking kite...for the fourth of July....this is going to be awsome, since I have not smoked weed in 1 whole month!

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