Juliana's Indica. A CFL hot box adventure.

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  1. Hi all! I just switched back to this forum. I was with another that did some things that I did not agree with so I decided to test new waters.

    I currently have a grow going on right now. It is a single female that has been flowering for just over three weeks. I ordered Mindbender seeds by KC Brains from an online seed bank. They were out of stock so they sent me TNR instead which is a monster sativa usually reaching meters in height and yields measured in kilograms. My grow box only has so much room but I decided to grow it anyways just to see if it was possible. Right away I could tell these seeds had been mislabeled. She grew very short and squat with fat, dark green leaves. So it turned out to be a good thing I guess :)

    I named her Juliana. I vegged her for 48 days, gave her a full day of darkness for the 49th, and now she has been flowering for 22 days. Bud production started up around the 2nd day of flowering and she has been going strong ever since. A few days ago trichomes started developing on the leaves and they spread out further noticeably everyday. She was topped when she was about a month old and I have severely LST'ed her to make an even canopy and spread her out.

    Her grow box is made from two of those rubbermaid tubs used for beer and sodas at cookouts. There are four air intakes, two 2" and two 3". The exhaust fan is a 350cfm axial fan blowing to a DIY carbon filter. I currently have three 40w 2700k Sylvania CFL's, and one 42w ????k(around 3-5k is more white than yellow in color) GE CFL. There are three different temp guages in the box that usually have a spread of about 6 degrees F. There are also two circulation fans inside the box.

    I also have five seedlings currently growing. There are three Indian Haze (Seedman Seeds), one Brazil x KC (KC Brains), and a bag seed from some fruity smoke I had about a year ago. They are nine days old (BxKC was a few days behind) and extremely short, one IH has just a millimeter or two between the soil and her first set of serrated leaves, and I think this is because I am using CFL's. To be more specific I am using one 65w 2700k CFL (300w equiv.). I made a reflector hood for this and it does well for containing the light and directing it to the girls. I know it is the wrong temperature light which probably contributes to them being short and not very developed but I have had similar problems with 6500k CFL's. A positive effect of this is that all the plants I've grown in my grow boxes have had very close internodes so space has never been a concern of mine.

    *Getting errors loading pics. I'll try again later tonight.

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