Julia Gillard Kicks the Shit! - Win or Aus Pot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ThePowerOfPot, May 10, 2011.

  1. What? That shit's not true. Marijuana doesn't cause lung problems. We've known that for 7,000 years.
  2. It's true. If you look at the composition of smoke, it contains alot of carcinogens and hydrocarbons. But the study doesn't factor in the health benefits of marijuana ie (anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory). It proves nothing except that smoke is bad for you.
  3. Also I don't understand why other people can't understand that you don't HAVE to smoke the stuff. You can eat it to and it's more effective if you do. It just doesn't come on as quick. Keeping marijuana illegal because SMOKE is bad for you is preposterous. Then cigarettes should be illegal, so should barbecuing.
  4. Oh no, that means trains,planes,cars,sparklers,fire places, everything involving smoke is illegal!!

    So Aussie going for freedom of pot?
  5. because then they'd have no talking points.
  6. I highly doubt it. Australia is trying the new thinking plan. Hopefully we will result back to the American way.
  7. Julia Gillard admitted to smoking weed before :) if she legalizes marijuana i will ... might .... maybe .... probabaly not vote for her stupid ranga ass
  8. Yeah so did 30 other politicians.

  9. yeah i know but the thread is about julia gillard so i didn't mention the 30 other politicians
  10. Lol yeah. Still not many people are making a big deal about it though, sadly.

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