Julia Child's a spy?

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  1. man i was just reading that article.. that's some crazy stuff for sure.

    here's a few more on the list they released.

  2. Everybody is a fuckin' spy now, isn't Julia Child dead? Is it just me or is this some really old news?

    C'mon man, seriously, the OSS is news? Only if you failed to read your history books. This is just them finally admitting what everyone else already knew. At least I knew it. Thought everyone else did too.

    Now, let me tell you about Emeril Lagasse! pssspsssspsspssssBAM!:eek:
  3. i don't recall my history books mentioning Julia child as being a spy. What school did you go to where they had these books?
  4. They just declassified the personnel files of the OSS spies, so it is news

  5. Funny, I knew about that years ago, too. I was a Julia Childs fan, and knew about it from knowing about her.
  6. I didn't know she worked with the OSS either. I found this article to be somewhat relevant.

    From a NY Times article published 8/18/2004

  7. Whats even more supprising is that she's 6'2"
  8. Very interesting! Thanks for posting this. :)
  9. I have had the honor of meeting Julia Child twice as a child with my parents.

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