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  1. 2 weeks in flower.

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  2. HIGH All, nice critters nice....if you don't mind me asking where'd you get the beans from, a seed bank or yours.
  3. Juicy Fruit ? Whats strain is it ?

    The Dude Abides!
  4. .......the first one l got about 4yrs ago was a 3 day old cutting from a guy in the big smoke that had bought 10 seeds from sensi l think.l,ve given it away to a few locals through my hydroman and seem to be able to get cuttings from it anytime.Also it has been crossed a few times with mazar and white rhino,not bad and yeilds ok.Not as good as prue juicyfruit.Still the best get ya up and running smoke while stoned off head ,lol,its great.:D
  5. HIGH All, right on critters love those old do-it-yourself strains...I think there the best as you do!!!

    Great grow and hope the reefer never runs dry.
  6. "Great grow and hope the reefer never runs dry"

    lol,l nearly ran out after being busted twice in 6 months .
  7. nice grow critter, like usual. be sure to keep us updated!

    btw, how much did u get busted with?
  8. Thats the best bit,lol.

    Both times l got busted for one young plant not yet turned.

    While having another room with plants just about ready to harvest.

    l got busted for a total of 6 grams[they stole 2 ozs].

    The first time l had 54 ozs stashed

    the sec time l had 30 ozs which l pulled 1 week later.

    l,ve cleaned out everything now waiting for thier return :D

    One day some idiot in power will relize how stupid these laws are that make criminials out decent people. ha ha ha never.

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