Juicy run at the casino last night

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  1. Well I play poker for a living currently, I've played strictly poker for an income for almost a year now and it has it's ups and downs. I make anywhere from $300-$1000 a week sometimes lose but that's the way business is.

    Anyway went on a heater the last few days and have brought in just over $3000.

    I won't be playing for a week or so, il just relax now and put a solid session in next week.

    Had to brag! Lol

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  2. I tried to think of something funny to bust your balls about those not being dollars...but then I noticed they waz Canadian! :laughing:

    Good job bro! Keep the heater runnin!

  3. bro you've seen me around, I aint a troll...lol :wave:
  4. Nice!! Iv'e seen people go big playing poker and I've also seen people lose every penny to their name. Good luck man, if I were you I'd be dealing and playing poker, sound like it would be good income (but that's just my opinion). Unless of course you have a day job.

  5. :wave:

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  6. :laughing: :D :p Ya...I know... I still wanted to poke fun at ya! :laughing: :poke:
  7. Fellow Canadian! :cool: and you're a lucky bastard. :rolleyes:

  8. that looks shooped to the whoop

  9. it totally does i thought the same thing i just googled digital scale
  10. Nice win man. :D

    My biggest is 18g in a day on black jack.

  11. haha I'm glad you picked up

    honestly when I first clicked on it to enlarge it I was hoping it was that money on a scale
  12. why not let the heater run?? what stakes do you play

  13. Usually 1/2nl and 2/5nl but put in a soild 3 hour session playing 5/10nl lastnight after i hammered on the 2/5 table i was at,
  14. oh nice. fishy table? lol
  15. So brag about your biggest loss now.
  16. That is damn impressive.

  17. $350 is my biggest loss in one day

    $600 one week. had to flip a quick qp of coke to get my bank roll back, this all happened on mortage week.

    Thats prolly my career (lol) down time.. Im not a big time player, I dont get into deep.

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