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Juicy Jays

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pointless132, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. So recently i bought a couple packs of juicy jays. I have green apple, blueberry, and mango but the taste on all of them are very weak and i cant taste them sometimes. I bought it somewhere in a store but im wondering how long they have been there for. So my question is, does anyone know of juicy jays have an expiration on how long the taste lasts?
  2. Idk man but jjs are always really moist, thats why I don't like them they rip really easy, and all that stuff always smells more than anything, they never have as good a taste as you think they should, particularly jjs I could never taste them.
  3. i like rolling with juicy jays orange. its the shit :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  4. i don't like jjs because they don't stick very well in my opinion. Yeah they smell good but i have never tasted the flavors that they say they are. IMO its just more stuff your inhaling.
  5. shitty papers if you ask me

  6. Yeah fuck Juicy Jays.
  7. Juicy Jays don't stick for shit and I've never had a flavor that I could actually taste.
  8. i barely ever get that taste when im smoking a juicy j. they only taste good when there not being burned.pure hemps ftw
  9. Dude just use Zig Zag king size. it doesn't taste like anything and the only thing you really taste is the weed which should be what you want to taste anyways.


    Edit: Oh and it sticks super well also. And doesn't rip easy.
  10. yeah, i use zig zags too and joker papers. But lookin at all your guys's responses, juicy jays don't seem to have a big taste.
  11. grape and bananas<3
  12. Ya don't waste ya time,You never gonna taste the flavor that much.
    no matter what brand.

    You want a taste with your weed,grab a flavored cigar.
    It will do you right
  13. I'm going to go along with the Zig Zag crew here. I've never been satisfied with JJs.
  14. I had some Mango Juicy Jays and I could taste it. Pretty enjoyable but I second the crappy adhesion. Gotta love Rizlas though.
  15. Saw this and had to respond - JJ's use sugar glue which licks off super easy. If JJ's would use a chemical or pig fat glue they'd stick awesome - but would you want to lick it?

    If any of you guys above want some free JJ's and a bottle of Kingpin Blunt Glue just let me know and I'll send it to you absolutely fargin FREE.

    PM me and I'll work it out for any of you guys.

  16. Hate to be going with the crowd, but when the people are right, you have to admit it. I love Zig-Zags, if JJ's were as great as they sound more people would be actually buying them.
  17. I like Rizlas best. They're super thin.

    It is true that juicy jays lose their taste over time. I've boughten a few packs from the local headshop, and noticed that they taste good, but not THAT strong. I went to the Juicy Jay website a while back and requested a free sample which they sent me in the mail, these were much fresher, and tasted a whole lot stronger.
  18. Offer still stands - let me send you some fresh JJ's and some Kingpin blunt glue....
  19. if you really want to flavor a joint, tea is the best way.

    make sure it's some organic tea with peach or berries or something like that.

    cause a lot of tea has tiny bits of dried fruit in it, it works perfect and is the BEST way to flavor a joint(that is if you are smoking dank).
  20. im not a fan, gl

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