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juicy jays

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BIG_WANG, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. So i was wondering about the juicy jay you determine how long the paper is and then just tear it off it better just to get a book? THANKS
  2. i like jucy jays papers just roll it like you would a zigzag joint
  3. yea I have been working with jjpapers lately and just snake it like a zigzag and your all good
  4. I would get a book of them, i have all the flavors right now, and my fav is mellow mango and the cherry one... they fuckin rock!
  5. i dunno how I like them, the only taste you get is when you are rolling them, and the glue is very delicate, they dont stick like zigzags do.
  6. i just got a pack of the absinth flavor. really strong
  7. wats it taste like? ive had absinthe once but it was mixed with sprite haha.
  8. get the rolls, i like them better because the regular ones seem to be a little thin, so if you rip one longer it compensates. and yes the glue is on one side and you pull it out like a roll of tape and rip where you want
  9. it smells like laundry detergent but a good way
    and it tastes like candy pretty much, i dno i can't explain it
  10. never tried the jj papers but the blunt wraps are really nice they actually taste like what the package says not like your licking perfume or air fresher .
  11. I picked up a book of blueberry today...probably gonna buy a roll I LOVE THEM!

    What flavor should i try next?
  12. I don't really get any flavor I tried watermelon and blueberry and am using tobacco for now I don't get it.
  13. imo best flavors are peach, blueberry, mango, and sour apple. Honestly with any of the weird flavors you cant go wrong either, marshmallow, maple syrup, honey... theyre all good just wish the gum and paper quality was a little better. Its like trying to roll with a tissue sometimes.
  14. They only have a slight taste. It is better when rolling tho, you get a nice lick of your flavor of choice. I got the normal 1 and 1/4 size in the normal pack. I wouldnt get the book, the regualr packages have 32 rolls in em so, buy 3 packs and have 96 rolls. That will last a long ass time.

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