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Juicy Jays

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TylerAlfrejd, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. I got some green apple Juicy Jay papers, but on either side there isn't a place to lick them to stick? Ive tried licking each side (on separate joints) but neither of them seem to stick very well. Anyone with experience with these papers, help would be appreciated thanks!

  2. Don't buy flavoured papes
  3. Imo flavored papers is kinda like too much seasoning on a nice juicy steak. Kills the taste 4 me personally.
  4. Was it just one paper or several? Ive tried Juicy Jays before but its some pretty harsh smoke. I recommend RAW organic papers.
  5. I've gotten the raspberry flavor a couple times before and all the papers I had a line of glue you can lick to stick em down. You'll know when your licking the glue because it has a very sweet sugary taste to it.
    I like them, but I definitely could not say they are better then RAW's or Zig Zag kingsize. I still keep them with me though, cause girls like them.  :smoke:
  6. There should be a side with glue, it might be hard to see though. A good tip is actually licking the opposite side, because the glue is sugar-based and comes off easily.

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