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  1. So I bought some cherry rolling paper. My questions are have you tried this brand if so how was it for you? Do you like any other brand of theirs or any other brand thats better? I liked licking the gum but that was it. I didnt get much flavor tbh. Will post pics when this damn app stops bugging
  2. Here we go :D :smokin:
  3. I personally don't like juicy jays. They only taste like the flavour when you lick them, and they're ridiculously thick so they're pretty harsh. And they don't burn the best. Just my personal opinion though.
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  4. Sick joint, very... unique, I guess.

    How are the cherry papers? I've tried quite a few flavors and they don't really taste much.
  5. I dislike juicy jays.

    honestly , I dislike any flavored papers.

    I like hemp the most.

    Weed with weed.
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  6. Awwh thankyou i think im shit at making joints xD. Dude my smoking buddy got so high she sat there licking the paper. LOL. Its nice to lick.(thats what she said... XD ) i taste it on my lips. Not so much when i inhale the combo seems okay tbh. I tried blunt papers wayy better. It felt like i was smoking a hookah/shisha

    @dragonmantek that box i have says its hemp. The burn is pretty awesome i dont have to light it up every time i put my damn spliff down for a min or two.

  7. ^perfect response. Just keep tasting them all tbh. My go to is just orig. raws.
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  8. yeah, they're crap

    I'm really liking the thin hemp Smoking papers lately, great stuff
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  9. I wanna try those transparent ones.
  10. they don't roll well and stick like crap, kinda cool seeing your weed ground up tho, but they get dark as you smoke down so it's only at the beginning
  11. juicy jays are too thick feels like your blazing half of a news paper the transparent ones are actually decent taste wise they just dont look legit may aswell use cling film, personal opinion i keep my papers plain silvers its the herbals that makes all the difference ;)

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  12. Juicy Jays; low quality papers for beginners who don't know what the choices for premium papers are, the first choice for jr high smokers. Get yourself some ultra thin unbleached rice papers like Smoking brand rice papers, OCB rice, original Club or Elements to experience quality papers.

  13. i miss jokers those were my fav papers 100% hemp too.
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  14. Elements all the way [​IMG]

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