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Juicy Jays

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Da Mac Train, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. What's up guys

    I've always been a glass person but recently i've tried rolling, for whatever reason i'm not too good at it.

    The papers i've been using have been Juicy Jays. Is that my problem? Do those papers suck?

    Happy Thanksgiving by the way blades :smoking:
  2. You can't just all of a sudden start rolling and automatically be amazing at it...
  3. I've tried a bunch of times and they don't turn out right.

    Either way would you consider these papers good
  4. I like them in the rare occasion I smoke a joint. I can't roll for shit though, I use a roller.
  5. Juicy Jays arn't that bad. More of a novelty. Go and get a pack if zig zags 1 1/4. Good thick papers to help you learn hoe to roll.

    Or go buy a bag of tops and roll and roll and roll and roll.
  6. I mean ya they taste good and are fine for rolling
  7. I like them better than Tops, Bugler or zig-zag.

    I mainly smoke bongs, but if you want the best paper, get a pack of Raw or Elements.

    No flavor or paper juicy jay has can touch them.
  8. they're fine though they are very flavorful which some people don't like. rolling is about practice and also how fine you can grind your weed.
  9. hey man i currently have raspberry juicy jays. ive been smoking a joint atleast 3-4 times a week besides hitting my bong and everytime ive been rolling with them since i just grabbed em from my local headshop, they dont exactly taste like what it says but it does change the flavor quite a bit, its smooth i guess

    Since you've only been just starting to roll, i'd suggest picking up a pack of [​IMG] They are very easy to roll and I swear by them..
    Get yourself some mids/tobacco or good weed works aswell, sit down roll joint after joint breaking them and get it perfect.. thats how everyone does it man.

    Start rolling juicy's after you know how to roll. their paper is thin just like RAW'S and ive seen good rollers fuck em up :smoking::smoking:
  10. Well I personally don't like them or normal Zig Zags or a few other brands just because the papers are so thick, hard to roll and the thickness imparts flavors. I prefer Elements or Smoking brand papers, very thin, made of rice paper so no flavor is imparted, and easy to roll.

    But at the same time it takes ages to learn to properly roll a joint. It also goes from person to person. I know people who've been rolling several times a week for years who still roll shittier joints than I did a month after I started rolling my own.

    Your best bet is to take your time and be a perfectionist about it, making sure they're near perfect every time no matter how long it takes.

  11. The papers I mentioned are actually not thick and roll themselves, if you would trust me and try it you wouldn't be disappointed...

    Although I do fully understand your point and where your comin from
  12. Personally i find them hard to roll with because they're so thin. I'm not a great roller. So i bought a zig zag rolling maching and bought some blue zig zag regulars im doing just fine.
    But i'm also not a huge fan of flavored papers.
  13. I just got the cotton candy juicy jays! cant wait to try em
  14. Once you go glass, you'll never pass

  15. Agreed. :bongin:
  16. Well, first of all you gotta learn how to roll. once you get the technique it becomes easy.

    I've noticed that the thicker the papers the easier it is to roll, i'd say go with slim anyway, but you dont have to go with ultra slim if you dont want. Also, you get less paper taste when using slim papers, fuck that damn rizla shiit
  17. I despise Juicy Jay's. They burn poorly and make the weed taste like shit. Get yourself some Elements. Super easy to roll and burn really nice and dont add flavour. Or buy Raw's but even they add a lil flav.
  18. Love love love juicy jays, but I'll always stand by my zigs

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