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  1. I've been on a t break for about a month and a half, and I wanted to try some new papers for my tobacco. It's some flavored tobacco called State Street, from my LHS. I never had a flavored paper before, but I decided to try one. I got a pack of the Green Apple's and I love the fuck out of them. I can't wait to smoke a joint with them.

    What other flavors should I try?
  2. pineapple =]
  3. milk chocolate :smoke:
  4. Tried a different brand, 5 types.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVED the Peach and Vanilla flavors.
    others were : meh.
  5. they burn too quick imo
  6. Marshmallow, sounds gross, but it's actually pretty awesome
  7. Some vanilla is always good. :smoke:
  8. i have grape, always a delicious standby, but i find they don't really taste much,

    except cottton candy. It actuallytasted strongly of cotton candy and it was amazing!
    i'd reccomend them.
  9. jj suck compared to dragonfly, bambui and brown sugar (tobacco) try those out. watermellon and peach ftw

    elements are good too
  10. Absinthe is pretty good, my favorites are Candy Cane and Raspberry, great flavor. :smoke:

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