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Juicy Fruit?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TheMightyKush, May 24, 2010.

  1. Ok so when i buy i normally get some decent to fire mid with a nice citrus/pine smell but today i picked up some nice ass fire mid and i swear it smells and tastes like juicy fruit, anybody had any experience with herb of this kind?
  2. Hell yeah. I actually heard there is a strain called Juicy Fruit. But when I smoke Northern Lights it taste fruity to me.
  3. like the gum juicy fruit.cause i have a medical card in colorado and ive had juicy fruit.n it smells juicy.n fruity. but not like juicy fruit gum lol. if it does and its mids they may have sprayed a tobacco flavoring on it. ive seen and bought the "juicy fruit" flavoring before.its literally called juicy fruit and it smells like the pack of gum. i used it once on a bowl and through it away.but i suppose if it is sprayed right with the right consitency it wont RUIN buds but you definitly wouldnt want those buds. i dunno. you decide. also the sprays can addd a little weight to the bud . in the end resulting in you receiving less nuggggsssss
  4. also check on this website.they might even have that exact flavoring. or look on google
  5. its just like a hint of it and its more of a musky after smell, not really the best words to describe it but im high :smoke:
  6. ive had juicy fruit before 1 nug that weighed 3.5

    it smelled EXACTLY like a freshly opened pack of juicy fruit. Some dumbass hater said my dealer just let the bud sit with a bunch of juicy fruit pieces but i highly doubt that happened.
  7. 3.5 nug means nothing lol.. ive seen top colas weghing an ounce once dryed and cured. on nug .lol

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